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By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



     I had someone (BZH POLICE) tell me to stop bolding my blogs because it was hard to read and to change the color of it instead to make my blog to stand out! Soooo I decided to do both!! YAY ME!!! LOOK AT MEEEE!! =) hehe

   Any ways lol.. my nipple ring came out while I was working and I panicked for awhile because I didnt want it to close, but I found it ^_^ yay!! I dont like my nipples without the metal 🙁  looks so nice and pretty peirced lol. U know.. I only got them peirced so that they stay hard 😛 Every girl knows that nipples look fucking great hard!

    Other than that lets see how my day
    The snow is melting in my backyard and so its making things so messy for me, my dogs kept trying to get in the house with they’re muddy paws and its keeping me busy with the mop! Choji came in the house with covered in mud all over his fur, so I had to give him a bath *Not fun* Hes sooo big!

     Than I got this call saying I won a free trip to cancun mexico for 2 ppl blah blah blah and than they asked for my creditcard number to secure it… are u kidding me? As if im going to trust them with my creditcard number PFFFF!!!!!!!! Not too long ago there was this stupid shit with telling ppl the warranty on they’re car was expired! They even called ppl who didnt own a car LOL, tsk tsk get a job assholes!

      I have developed this obsession for cupcakes <3

Im a little cupcake
Short and sweet
when ur boyfriend dumps u
Im the one u eat ^_^



Like this:

  • Damien

    That guy who asked you to avoid bold must be an awesome guy… 😀

  • Silvia

    Hes cool, hes my big brother <3