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Had a crappy day


By Jessy Jo / 8 years ago / In: College , Entertainment , Events

Jessy Jo

Jessy Jo

Lol , today I had such a bad day grrrrrrrr !

My sis called me to tell me that the laptop is messed up again…..We took it from the tech guys who fixed it and cleaned it etc, so she gave it to my aunt …..

My aunt took it for her daughter ,who is 5 yo….and she left her alone to play on lap. And of course the little one broke it ….So I had to go there and see wot she did to it, and I was not in the mood for this, grrrr . Plus I said I wont get into her laptop again, coz last time I broke it and I dont wanna do it again.

So they started arguing about who should fix it and so on …..It really pissed me off. In the end they convinced me to try to install windows on it, but the damn thing couldnt boot again….Bleah, we will take it again to the tech guys …Im so fed up with that laptop.

I slept so much today, woke up , had a bath and ate some fish, then I came online .

Demonic made a lovely banner for me , OMG, I was so happy when I saw it ! I really have to pay him back some way , but shhh !

Today I finally reached 500 posts on forum and I became a demi god , yayyyyyyy ! It really made me happy ! I really wanted to so much to be a demi god, I was tired of being a pimp , lol ! A pimpette !

Im going for 1000 posts now lol . I really love the forums even if i dont post much, I read it all. Sometimes Im shy and I decide not to post lol .Im sure in time ill be more daring hehe !

Last night, browsing the net, I found an interesting contest and decided to join ! Im so excited about it ! Well , I dont dream of wining anything and anyway its not like its a big prize or something, 500 $. But I love to get in projects like this ! Keeps me active and focused, otherwise I get lazy and so bored !

Anyway , if they accept me , ill let ya know and Ill make a post on the forum begging for your votes haha !

Im online right now and writing on blog coz im getting bored.Maybe I should to a public free chat, but I better do it this days, not right now.I promised Jerry and Ev and some other friends, that I will announce my next free chat on the forums .

Ok , I better go finish Demonic’s and Nicole’s prezzie ! Kisssssssss ya all, dont forget to make comments and to visit me in my p-chat!

Ill post some pics of me , hope you like them !

Like this:

  • STeeLeRMaN

    Oh JJ!! You’re sooo cute!! Thank you for thinking of me when it comes to free chat. 🙂 You don’t HAVE to make sure I’m around. I want you to get as much exposure as possible. I’ll love ya if I’m there or not! I hope you’re having a better day today. Muahh!