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At least my bowel movements are regular. . .


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Pictures



That’s my positive thought for the day, because I simply cannot stand being constipated. And yes I say these things, because I take joy in disgusting you.

It’s 6:14 am and I’m still awake. I’ve been on this whacked out schedule since I went to the hospital at 4 am last Saturday. Not really abnormal for me to be up at odd hours anyhow. I’m easily thrown from a schedule.

I’ve also been pretty fucking stressed lately. I’ve had a lot of financial burdens pile up all of the sudden, and I haven’t even got around to doing my taxes. I guess I’ve sort of been in denial. My electrical bill isn’t getting any smaller. . . I had some sort of mix up with “budget wise billing” that ended up biting me in the ass. Long story short, I received a surprise $1500 settlement bill last month. And they raised my bill by about $100. So not only can I not seem to get rid of the $1500 fast enough, but it’s not really budging with the normal monthly fee adding on. I won’t even get into my hospital bill. . . it’s not really a priority yet. It’s waiting in line while it eats away at the back of my conscience.

I know it sounds like I’m piss poor and struggling. It’s not like I’m poverty stricken. I make decent money for someone my age, but there’s always something tying it up. I had a little extra money just a couple of months ago. Now I live paycheck to paycheck. All of my living expenses went up with the new year. The cost of living is absolutely fucking ridiculous here. Everyone knows the economy is shit. I realize it even more so when I talk to any of my overseas acquaintances.

It’s become even worse recently since I decided to juggle other jobs/projects. I’m not giving up, because I can’t be a cam girl forever. Only until my tits sag down to my belly button. Once they hit my knees, it’s over for sure! 😛

Bleeehhhhh sorry for all of the negativity. Had to let it out somewhere. Thanks for reading.<3

By the way. . . does this hairstyle make my head look large?

Like this:

  • ragu

    *hands you monopoly money*

    that hairstyle makes your neck disappear :\

  • Violet

    ruuubiieeeeeee <3

    well who needz a neck anyway?!

  • Maango

    I can’t wait till your boobs sag to your knees and you can put your nipples in your belly button. That will be so hawt!

  • Violet

    I’ll anally rape you with my tit sag!

  • Maango

    Man you’re just making me anxious.

  • Silvia

    I WANT THAT DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE U FOR HAVING IT!!! lol!!

    kidding i love u <3