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Ashleigh is a real mover and shaker


By SteveS813 / 8 years ago / In: News ,



I recently had a chance to sit down and talk with our wonderful camgirl Ashleigh. So, after getting some things in order we decided to meet at Hooters restaurant near her hometown.

Steve: I have to thank your boyfriend for letting us spend some time together and hang out and isn’t it fittng we chose Hooters?
Ashleigh: Well you can thank him yourself as he is going to stop by later. As for Hooters I knew how you loved the place and you know how I love wings so it just seemed appropriate.

Steve: You tend to move a lot, how many times are you up to now?
Ashleigh: Lemme see, *starts counting* I believe this is my ninth move in six years. So, I should probably become a professional mover.

Steve: How has the newest move been so far?
Ashleigh: Oh man! this move trumps all moves because we went through three provinces to the east. It took us two days to get to our new house. I feel pain in places I never knew existed. But, it has been great and definitely rewarding to finally be moved in and I’m loving my new house.

Our waitress Angie interrupts us to take our order. Of course we each order a pile of wings.
Ashleigh: Uh, Steve I’m over here what’s the next question?
Steve: Oh, sorry I uh kinda got distracted as she was walking away. Anyway, what do you think when I say tomatoes?
Ashleigh: I feel myself salivating because I think tomatoes are single handedly the most amazing food ever. Not a mediocre kind of amazing either, they are the EPICALLY kind of amazing. I eat at least two big tomatoes a day, or a small pint of cherry/grape tomatoes.

Steve: Why do you like them so much?
Ashleigh: First off they are so good for you. You can actually cut your chances of certain cancers and heart disease by eating a tomato product every day. But, they are also so damn delicious! And you can do so much with them pizza, pasta, soup, salads, the possibilities are endless.

Angie returns with another beer for each of us and once again Ash catches me checking her out. Sheesh, it’s a good thing we aren’t on a real date here. *laughs*

Steve: So, you’ve been around CWH awhile now, what do you enjoy most and least about it?
Ashleigh: Yep, I’ve been here for two years now! I have pretty much everything here. I love the people and the community, I love the forums, I love to be able to get naughty all day every day…. so it’s all great. The only thing I don’t like are the occassional rude pchatters, but that’s nothing that a kick and ban can’t resolve.

On a personal note I enjoy you getting naughty too!
*laughs* Oh, I bet you do *winks*

Steve: I know I’m venturing into dangerous territory here, but what do you say is your best physical feature? Your worst (not that anyone thinks you have one)?
Ashleigh: Hmmm… that’s tough. I guess my favorite feature of mine would be my bone structure. I know that’s a totally weird answer. My hands are pretty too. My worst…… I’d have to say my stomach or my nose. I hate my nose. *laughs*

Our wings arrive and also the BF shows up to join us. Ashleigh introduces us and I thank him for allowing me time to spend with such a lovely woman.

After several minutes of chowing down our wings, I inform Ash I have just a few more questions.

Steve: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Ashleigh: Well, in five years I’ll be nearly 30 (eeeeppp) so hopefully I will have bought or built my dream house and hopefully will have started having a family. Or, maybe I’ll just become the hottie couger of CWH.

Steve: Not that anyone wants to see this happen, but what will life be like for you after CWH?
Ashleigh: Well, life certainly won’t be the same for sure. I’m dreading the day when I’m too old to cam *haha*. I will seriously miss everyone I’ve met and miss getting to play with them. Although, I don’t see myself totally leaving because I’d still definitely be around the forums.

Angie comes by to take our dirty dishes and drops off our bill and bends over right in front of me. Ashleigh sees this and sees me blush a bit and gives me a big smile and wink.
Ashleigh: Now I see why you like going to Hooters so much.
Steve: *clears throat* ummm yeah, back to our interview. Of these things: shorts, skirt, or tight jeans which is more your style?
Ashleigh: I’d have to say jeans because living in Canada doesn’t give a lot of chance to wear skirts although I like to once in awhile. I hate wearing shorts so jeans it is.

Steve: What is your favorite thing about being in Canada and have you ever wished you lived somewhere besides Canada?
Ashleigh: I love the nature Canada has to offer. I love being able to enjoy the outdoors during the summer and just feel….. fresh. I grew up in the country which was amazing so I have such an appreciation for the outdoor and Canada has so much to offer for anyone who loves the outdoors. Oh, and the poutine is divine too! Hmm…. if I had to live anywhere else though, It would have to be somewhere warm like California or Florida. I love the sun!

Well, I guess that’s all I have for today. I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity and I thank the BF once again.

As we exit the restaurant Ashleigh turns and gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and says I had fun with it too.

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