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Happy St. Patricks Day!


By Cobalt / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hello all, hope every one is having a fabulous and sexy St. Pattys Day! I’m actually not Irish, I don’t drink (not to be stereotypical, I’m not referring to Irish people at all, I am referring to ALL people on this day…seems to be a big drinking day, lol), and I am not a big fan of green (unless it’s awesome UV reactive or neon or just cool like that) BUT I still know how to be happy on the holidays! And in celebration I have made a special sexy video for all of you! You should check it out HERE: view_video.php?viewkey=fc240dd2674a7d063b04
I hope I did that right, lol. In case I didn’t, just go to CWH and see the clips section and look for it, lol.
Any ways….I also took some sexxxy St. Patricks Day pics for you! Here you go!
You like my shamrocks? Hehe! Any ways…
Today has been a lazzzzy day! I slept in sooo much, it was pretty irresponsible of me but I figure, I’ll fix it (my sleeping habits) through out the week. I have been really good about that lately, actually.
Oh and a note from a previous post, I did get back in touch with the turtle guy about adopting my turtles and we are meeting this week, he showed me his tanks and terrariums and he had all sorts of videos and photos and a whole web page about his love for turtles…I am so glad they are going to someone so caring and knowledgeable!
I’m keeping the tank though…I’m not going to be stupid and get more turtles or something lol (even though I never “got” these ones in the first place, I was just supposed to babysit them for a very extended period…sorta) but I really want some fishies. I used to have tropical fish, and goldfish, and I had so much fun with them! I had a pink kisser once who was a mean b*tch and ate the eyeballs of my other fish, ahh! Even my “convict” fish got his butt kicked, I wanted to get rid of that mean fish so bad, it just happened man…one day I came home and my other fish had no eyes. Weird.
I love fancy goldfish too. I can’t decide what I want. I can’t have both. I did at one point but I had 2 big tanks then and now I only gets one. Maybe tropical fish because there is more variety. I love fancy guppies…they is so perdy!!!
Fish care isnt as easy as most people think, you gotta always test your tanks ph balance and all this…its been a while I’m rusty, but I will remember. I’m gonna decorate it all pretty and pick out pretty gravel and pretty plants YAY!!!
Okay wow I am way too exited about pet fish. I am so easily amused, lol.
Any who……………… um………..SAW mutha f*$#@*N SIX????!!!!
YEAH! It’s coming out Oct. 2009 and I am sooooooooo unbelievably, insanely excited!!!! I LOVE THE SAW MOVIES! I have been going to see them every opening night since SAW I back in Oct. 2004. I hear they plan on making 9 movies total. YES! Bring it on! I love them! Apparently Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) has officially signed on for SAW 6 and I have to wonder (as I did before seeing SAW 5) how they are gonna pull this one off, again, with him being dead. Probably just a ton of more flashbacks. Who knows.
Any ways, I’m done ranting. I’m gonna go take a nice hot shower and I will probably be online later, not 100% sure but more than likely. 🙂
Thanks for reading 🙂
<3 Cobalt

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