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Good morning to ya laddies & Lassies!


By Sica / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Make sure to wear ya green, ya wouldn’t want a pinch on your keister now. Oh man, If I could tell ya my last name you would definitely know I’m part irish, but I’ll just leave you to believe and trust that I am, that and I could drink ya under ta table!

Anyways, done with my fake ass irish accent…

I hope everyone has a good day, I’m having an alright day so far, kind of exhausted but Imma keep truckin’ it!

My schedule has been so wacky lately, but it’s all for a good cause, switching my work schedule! Yep! I am on now usually around 5 AM EST- 12 noon or later. Good time for you Aussies and people anywhere in Europe, Asia, etc. to come and see me! It is also nice because it’s kind of a quiet time, and less girls on. Not that I don’t mind but it’s definitely nice not having to compete against 29+ other girls, haha.

Hmm, so what’s been up with me, umm, my two guy roomates, my boyfriend and his buddy, BOTH have the flu! Yeah! Fucking AWESOME. I’m taking care of both of them too! So I’m praying to God I don’t catch it. I guess this new schedule is a good thing since they’re sick, I am up almost all the time now, so I can check up on them every few hours.
Within the past four days I’ve gotten a total of 8 hours of sleep, hooray! :/
As soon as my paycheck hits the bank, I’m pulling an all dayer and taking Sickly here off to go out and about and get him moving to help fight off that sickness! He’s all doped up on medicine, so that’s helping him stay to himself.

Look out for my new bra, yeah! I’m gonna spend big and get me a Wineberry colored (probably) MIRACLE BRA!!!!
Can’t wait.
Oh and then I’m going to blow loads of money on Longhorn Steakhouse’s Lobster plate. CHyeah baby! I love eating good food, I spend the majority of my money on food, can’t help it! I’m such a pig!

Oh and I had a weird dream a few days ago, that I was hanging out with Optimus Prime and he took me to this yellow colored restaraunt called “The Chicken Place” and we walked in and the cash register was like “Yo prime, what do you want today, the Piggie again?” and I looked up and Piggie was the #1 Combo and it was a big basket full of ribs, fries, onion rings, donuts, chicken legs friend, and a big drink…I was like, “OMGsh!” and he said “Yes, actually, two piggies please.” lol it was weird. My boyfriend laughed at me when I told him, said he was jealous that it sounded kick ass.

Oh, and not this paycheck, but next paycheck I will be purchasing this sexy outfit, not telling you or showing you what it is, but I can’t waitttttt!

Okay, well I can’t really think of much of anything else to say right now other than I’m talking to Avsky in Pchats (Love ya bud!) and drinking like my 2 and a half pot of coffee, lol, going back and forth taking care of cleaning , cooking, and sick people, so yeah, I feel like I’m geeked up on coke, I don’t even want sleep that much! Agh!
I’m ready to get out of the house and have some fun!

Oh have you noticed I haven’t been wearing bras lately? Yeah, I’m trying this thing where I massage my titties around and around for like half an hour every day, and it seems to be helping them grow bigger! My nipples will puff up a bit, then my boobs will get real sore, then they’ll get a little bigger, nipples will return to normal, about five days later they do it again, so I’m thinking AWESOME! If any of you girls know of any creams or maybe just regular lotion helping out with the growth stimulation, let me know!

I’m so ready for a good video game to come out, all these old franchise games being revived is getting kind of lame, like honestly, they had to throw extra lame shit into RE5 and MSG4, kind of C7AY! It would have been good till they had to input some crazy ass shit that didn’t quite make sense just to give more to the story..Not cool.

Agh, Imma stop blabbering now and continue on my ongoing battle in my mind about what I want for breakfast, been going on for about three hours now!
Here’s some pictures to make you horny AND happy, lol, hope you enjoy both of them!!

love always!

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