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By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , Health , Humor



So I thought I just had a bladder infection. After days of excruciating discomfort and no source of relief, I finally broke down and went to the emergency room at 4am Saturday morning. I hadn’t a wink of sleep in over 48 hours, and I was starting to feel concerned about my kidneys. A week or two ago, I started having sharp pains in my lower back. Not a good sign, but I tend to live in denial.

Turns out I passed a stone, and I do indeed have a bladder infection. The lining of my bladder is worn down, so I have to stay on antibiotics for several months so it can rebuild.

Let this be a lesson ladies! I thought UTIs were just part of having a vagina. I’m very clean, and I’m not a complete moron when it comes to human anatomy and medicine. I’m just very neglectful. When you let these things go, they will get worse. They don’t just go away with over the counter treatments.

As for the kidney stone. . . I don’t really get it. I have my fair share of junk food, but I eat way healthier than most people I know. I eat a lot of organic foods, chicken fish, eggs, and fresh veggies. That pretty much sums up my source of nutrition. The rest is just a junk food fix here and there. Candy more than anything. Either way, it was fucking painful. I’d rather take a few swift kicks to the crotch, or a big blow to the head anyday. Hell I’d rather shit out a kid. At least then you have your own personal slave after. What’s my kidney stone gonna do for me?

Apparently you can just be prone to these things. I had no idea. I thought kidney stones were for old people and men who eat too much meat! lol Maybe I am a moron. . .

I feel absolutely fantastic now that the pain has subsided. I have my prescriptions, as well as a big fat medical bill to look forward too! Wooo hoo! I was even able to cam last night. Just finished up about 30 mins ago actually. I slacked so much this pay period, because I’ve been feeling so shitty. Glad I know the reason, and I hope I never have to pass another stone again.

My Mom and I sure did have a good time people watching in the emergency room. *^_^* I know, that sounds terribly cruel. There were amusing drunks asking for their pants and yelling, “I’m so sober, I don’t know what to do! SHIT! How’d I get naked?!!”. There was also a very entertaining mentally challenged woman who was obsessively humming and creating her own song between spouting out, “Why me?!!”.

So yeah. . . bleh. Another icky blog. I apologize to your penises! <3 Pics for you.

Like this:

  • Sica

    OMG, I’m wondering if that is what has been wrong with me???

    PM me when you get the chance, cause I know you’re a busy woman. But I need to tell you what happened with me so you could tell me if that’s what it is or not.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better though!

    Love you

  • ragu

    I’m happy to hear you’re not in pain any more.

  • Violet

    Okay Sica. . . let me know what your symptoms are, and I’ll do my best to play Dr. 😛

    Ruben Ruben
    Where have you been?
    How I miss you so. . . .

    I wrote “party of having a vagina” lolz lolz lolz *edit*

  • Joseph Blough

    One of the many preventable causes of kidney stones is not drinking enough water. Keep up the fluids and hopefully you’ll feel much better soon.