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Having fun doing nothing :P


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



     I hope u all are having a good weekend 🙂 believe it or not but my weekends going pretty good even though im not doing much.. does that make any sense? Usually people are like “I had such a great weekend!! I went here, than there and got this” I think because im not doing anything..which means *not spending* equals too LESS STRESS!! Wooo success!

      Well the reason why im not going out is because im going to make up for all the time off I took from work and WORK! Not cause no one wants to be with me hahahaha 😛 Im also getting my brakes replaced right now, so I dont have a car to drive around with. Sometimes I wonder “whats the point in having a car?” I barely drive??? lol. I honestly drive once a week!

       Well enough of the boring stuff! My brother bought me slipknot tickets… it will be my first concert! YAY! <- Thats so embarrassing lol! Im going to be seated because I dont want to be with crazy ppl jumping and pushing me! Yes, im boring and going to sit in the back 😛

        Lately I have been working on a few shoots and thought I would show u backstage pics! woo!

Here I am working on my wig.. hahaha my hands look so messed up 😛

My friend came with me to the shoot, shes also a makeup artist and wanted me in her portfolio!

It was funny cause we kept calling her lady gaga becaus of her new hair cut/color and shed get so mad 😛 lol

Like this:

  • Delilah

    Love the wig! So are you a model or a makeup artist? Or both?

  • Violet

    You have such a beautiful face. <3