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By Maiya / 8 years ago / In: General ,



This is my first blog you guys! How exciting is this! ..

I got my first tattoo last year on my shoulder blade. I remember it hurting quite a bit and it took about two hours to do blah blah. I got pretty bored of it after a while because I thought it looked bland and boring.


I decided to add on to my tattoo. Not only was my tattoo artist extremely nice and “at peace(hippie-ish)” he did a great job with the new design. It was only $130 which was definitely worth it and so much cheaper than when I first got it done ($270. Ridiculous.).

The Pain:: 2 1/2 hours of what felt like a razor blade carving into me. It is right on top of my bone too which made it even worse. I am a warrior though 🙂 so no tears.

Afterwards:: It is always the biggest adrenaline rush once it is over with. I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling, I thought I was on drugs or something. Great feeling. Totally worth the pain.

Design:: A phoenix. It is a mythological bird that lives for about 500+ years or so and then it burns itself and its nest to ashes. It is then reborn anew and then the cycle continues on. 

What it means to me:: The phoenix is my favorite mythological creature and means a lot to me. It represents a variety of things that are very personal to me, my favorite being ‘change’. I have been through a lot in life which has changed my beliefs, opinions, values, and just who I am as an individual. And the cycle will continue.

Err…can’t post a picture! >_< maybe one will show up in the forums some where (look out for it).

Like this:

  • STeeLeRMaN

    Congrats on the new tat and braving through the pain. 🙂 I liked the symbolism with the phoenix. You definitely seem like you’re a fighter. Love ya Maiyaz… 😉