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Hellloooo sexy weekend <3 How nice of u to show up :P


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



    Did u ever wake up upset because ur dream didnt end too well or maybe because it was sooo good and u wanted to go back to finish it??? Well that happens to me all the time, usually when I sleep in its because I have some unfinished business to do in my dreams 🙂 baad silvia! *slap slap*

    Yesturday my brother was sick, so we had *brother-sister day* we went to the gym, had some sushi, watched some anime and than I went back to work. I rarely ever work overnight anymore because it really does mess with ur sleeping. The reason I did yesturday was because I felt too guilty not working all day 🙁 I remember last summer, i went to a wedding and had to wake up at 5am to help the bride get ready… I forgot to mention that during this time, I used to always work 9pm-6am! I went to bed at 10pm… couldnt sleep, 1am… still not sleeping *Ohh nooo* I went to sleep at 3am and thats when I knew working overnights was a problem! I ended up with RED eyes all day! I looked like I was smoking *something* so I went to a drugstore to grab some eyedrops to get rid of my redness!

               Now back to something more recent….

     Today I woke up and got to work, left to go do some cleaning up.. gosh working on cam can make u soo lazy and all the things to clean will pile up! I always tell myself im going to start cleaning alittle bit everyday instead of waiting untill it looks so bad 🙁

     Later on I went to the gym and now im going to work till im hungry enough to make dinner!

      Heres a pic I promised u of when I went to the science center


(The rest of the pics are posted in my forum)

Heres what I wore to pchats recently


Like this:

  • Cobalt

    I loves Hello Kitty! I have me some Hello Kitty band-aids and I got a paper cut so I usin one right now. Not as sexy as your undies though. lol. And I also have dreams I go back to sleep for and try to finish. Isn’t that weird how that happens? Any ways…you are awesome! Bye bye pretty lady! 🙂

  • Silvia

    Hahahahaha! Thanks for the sweet comment, I think all cool girls love hello kitty and the ones that dont like hello kitty… needs to be pissed on 😛