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Oatmeal is yummy. . .


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Pictures , Rants ,



Okay, so I’m not really in love with oatmeal. Even with cinnamon and tons of splenda it’s still sort of bland. It’s not nearly as satisfying to the pallet as a cheeseburger or banana cream pie, but it does move the bowels! Also, when I have oatmeal first thing in the morning I’m less hungry throughout the day. So take that chicken wings! I don’t need you and all of your crispy saucy deliciousness.

Bleh. I have a bladder infection. TMI? Well FUCK YOU! I’m miserable, and you’re going to hear about it! I should probably go to the doctor or something, because I get these way too often. It’s not a nice feeling. And before you make any assumptions, I don’t fuck, I wipe properly, I’m a clean girl, and I don’t have any STDs. Every time I tell someone I get bladder infections, they assume I wipe doodies into my giner or something. YUCK! That’s disgusting, and if a woman doesn’t know how to take care of her vagina in that manner, it should probably be confiscated ASAP!

So anyway, my Mom told me to take 1000 mg of vitamin C daily. Apparently some people can harbor bacteria in their bladder that causes problems. The vit C kills it off. I also drink loads of cranberry juice.

Hmmm. If you were expecting a sexy blog, I’m sure I’ve killed your boner by now. Sorry! Violet has real life problems. I guess I’m honest to a fault.

I’ll post some recent cam pics anyhow, in a pathetic attempt to recover any sex appeal I might still embody.

Like this:

  • Damien

    Chicken wings are still good though. 😛

    Hope the Vitamin C works! 🙂

  • STeeLeRMaN

    I feel for ya babe. I have no helpful information to give you. 🙁

    …and BTW, my boner was unaffected. 😉

  • Maango

    Man, vagina confiscator sounds like a more fun job than it really would be….

  • MichaelAC

    Try drinking cranberry juice (unsweetened works the best) or get some cranberry tablets from a health food store. Those are good for that type of infection.