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Sick Today


By hollie / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Can you believe I haven’t updated for the whole summer??! I can 😀  summer is so great and I’ve been running around like a busy bee too crazy to focus on anything as usual.  

Anyway summer is has been over for more than a week now so it’s time for me to try to get a whole big update down.  Lucky for most of you though it just means that summer is coming up.

I’m moping about feeling sorry for myself today, with a big tooth ache I’ve had for a few days.. I have a dentist appointment later today.. I think it’s going to be big 🙁 my cheek has swollen up and the rest of my body seems to be crashing too.  I hope it all can be fixed up fast so I can be back on pchats!

I’ve been on pchats quite a bit (for me anyway) lately, huh??!  It’s because I’m on break from school.. not sure until when.. maybe May maybe October.. we’ll see.. when I do back though it’s only about 6 weeks and then I’m finished so I’m looking forward to getting it out of the way.  For now though I’m pretty busy with other stuff and like being around to play on here.

I postponed my trip to the US, because my friend couldn’t go in December.. it would have been tooooo cold for me anyway probably so now I think I am going in June or July instead.  Very exciting!

Hmm what else? I got another puppy, she was already 10 months old.. a rescue dog.. anyway she’s nice, not as nice as Harvey though.  She’s a good wife for him.  Her name’s Nellie and she’s a Kelpie cross Cocker Spaniel.  Almost 1 year old.  

Other than that I’ve had lots of people visiting over the summer.. everyone wants to come here in the summer.  I think that’s about it.  Now we’re up to date!

No pictures this time because I forget to put them on here, next time 😉

Like this: