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Valentina – Don't Get Her Bored!!


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



A CamWithHer camgirl who embodies the word sexy, Valentina operates only at one fast speed and it is never in the same direction.  With a year and a half under her belt, she does nothing but give her fans exactly what they have come to expect,  a gorgeous blond bombshell who can play naughty or nice.  I was fortunate enough to have a chat with the golden haired beauty as we made our way through the city streets.

SM: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.  So, where are you headed?

Valentina: Just drive.  I didn’t realize you were a cab driver.

SM: It’s only a part-time gig due to the economy.  Consider this to be a low-budget “Taxi-cab Confessions”.  I’m sure you’ve had some crappy jobs in your time.

Valentina: I was actually a brain surgeon before CWH.  Just kidding!  No, I wish!  I was a dishwasher for years at a nursing home.  The things I would have to clean off of plates I would not wish upon anyone.  Sometimes the old people would actually urinate on their plates and I’d be like “ok… f#&k this” and I’d throw so many plates in the garbage rather then just washing them.  I mean that’s disgusting!!  My boss was like “hmm, where are all of our plates going?!” [laughs] Then I was a waitress for a long time and also bartended. I got fired from one bartending job because I wore too low-cut of shirts. [laughs]

SM: I’d have to say you’ve come a long way from washing pee’d on plates and getting fired for low-cut shirts.  Please tell me your old boss from the bartending job was a woman.

Valentina: Yep.

SM: That b*#ch.  Now let’s move from the past to the present.  I’m curious, what does a woman like you do throughout the week?

Valentina: During the week, I spend a lot of my time camming.  I love watching indie films, playing tennis when it’s actually warm out and shopping of course!!  On the weekends, I usually spend time with my best friends, getting into trouble, going to strip clubs and whatnot.

SCREEEEEECH! (The taxi stops suddenly).

Valentina: What the hell?!  Why did we stop?

SM: Strip clubs?!!  You go to strip clubs.  Are you a loyal customer?

Valentina: I was at one point. [laughs] It was kind of bad until my favorite strip club got shut down by a bunch of male anti-feminists!!  Now I go every so often.  [I’m] still trying to find one I like as much as the old one.  I’m so curious about “the industry” considering I’m basically a stripper myself, just on the net.  I like to see how the girls are in real life considering I’ve never worked in a club myself.  The girls at the old club I used to go to were way more personal.  At every other one I’ve been to they basically line up and guilt you into giving them your money even if you aren’t attracted to them which totally ruins it for me!

SM: Guilt by line-up.  I knew that worked on men…

Valentina: Turn right up here.

SM: Do you need to stop at the post office?

Valentina: I hate the post office!  They lost my rent check!  I refuse to go there anymore! I’m boycotting the postal service! Not to mention the mail truck smashed into my car about a year and a half ago and I had to drive a car without a bumper for about six months because they tried denying it happened so they wouldn’t pay for it.

SM: So if I had to read between the lines, I’m guessing you have ill feelings toward the postal service.

Valentina: Yeah, I’m bitter! [laughs]

SM: Let’s move away from the bitterness and onto some of the things that you like.  How about movies?  Do you have any favorites?
Valentina: I like indie films like Leaving Las Vegas… The Ice Storm are some good ones I saw recently.  I don’t really have a favorite movie because I hate watching movies more than once.  Once I know what happens, it’s kind of hard for me to sit through it again.  Friends with Money with Jennifer Anniston is also a good movie.  I like movies that are relatable.

SM: So how about music?

Valentina: I’m definitely more into rock.  MGMT is currently my favorite band.  I love “Weekend Wars”.  Also, [I] will always be a huge fan of Third Eye Blind.  And then every so often I get really into dirty south rap.  It’s just so fun to listen to.  I used to dance and rock out to it every morning.  Three 6 Mafia is great!

SM: You love indie movies and you listen to MGMT (sounds indie), does that make Valentina an indie girl?  How would you describe your personality?

Valentina: Well, they were indie until they signed with Columbia records, but hey, I don’t blame them!

As far as my personality goes, I’m very spontaneous, very easygoing, easily bored so I will try anything once if it means not being bored…. hate, hate, hate to be bored.  I’m also pretty random and crazy in person.  I’m nice for the most part, but if I get a bad vibe from you, watch out!!  No seriously… [laughs] …but for the most part I’m friendly as long as you are to me!

SM: I guess that means that the person in your life shouldn’t be boring.  Speaking of which, is there a special someone in your life right now?

Valentina: Oh gosh, I knew you were going to ask something like this. [laughs]

SM: Well, your fans want to know if they have a shot.  By fans I mean me.

Valentina: I’ll just say this, “it’s complicated,” but I’m technically single.  I love a successful man in a suit though.  If you fit the bill, I am taking applications!!

SM: [Note to self:  buy a suit and increase cab fares]. So if you were filling out an application for a dating site, you would check single or involved?

Valentina: Single of course!  If I were in a serious relationship, why would I be on a dating site?! [laughs]

SM: You are a tough one to crack!  Well, I guess we’ll leave it a mystery.  How about your down time.  What does Valentina like to do when chilling at home?

Valentina: Well, that rarely happens. [laughs] Well, seeing as I hate to cook and clean, I’ll probably just listen to my newest CD or write.  I love to write!  Or I’ll read a book about psychology.  The human mind fascinates me.  I like reading about different personality disorders.

SM: What do you like to write about?

Valentina: I like to write about psychology and poetry (just random thoughts I have analyzing real life)… as well as short stories about crazy people. [laughs]

SM: If you had to diagnose your best friend, what personality disorder would you tag them?

Valentina: [laughs] Ohhh gosh… I’m not so sure she has a personality disorder, but I could definitely tag her with generalized anxiety disorder, possibly some social anxiety, as well as PTSD.  Yeah, I should be a psychologist, huh?  [laughs] No, I love her to death though!  I honestly think everyone can be tagged with some sort of disorder.

SM: DOUCHE NOZZLE!!  Sorry, it’s the tourette’s.  I think I forgot my meds today or maybe it’s the job.  Ummm so, anyway…

Valentina: We’re almost done, right?

SM: Pretty close.  So tell me about your friendships at CamWithHer.  Who are you close with at CWH?

Valentina: Luxie is probably the first girl that really befriended me on the site (love her)!  I talk to her quite a bit.  And then there is Angelina.  We’ve got lots in common and not to mention she’s my lesbian crush, but she knows this already. [laughs]

SM: Is Angelina your first “lesbian crush” or have you always had a thing for beautiful women?

Valentina: [laughs] She’s my first online lesbian crush!!  But yes, I’ve always had crushes on girls.  Honestly, since I was in elementary school, I am a sucker for petite girls with pretty faces!

SM: Angelina….

Valentina: Yo, Steelerman.  Hey!  Look out!!!

After minor damage to the front passenger-side fender due to a mishap with an ice cream vendor cart, I was able to get the cab back onto the road and the interview continued.

SM: What inspired you to be a camgirl and to come work for CamWihHer?

Valentina: I wanted to model.  I went to every single agency in NYC one day, because I was tired of getting these dead end modeling jobs [and] because I didn’t have an agent. Being only 5’3″, it was hard to get agencies to take me seriously.  So, I continued working with amateur photographers.  One of them mentioned CWH so I figured I’d give it a try and honestly didn’t expect it to go anywhere.  At that point in my life I was broke, couldn’t afford food and was living in a total dump.  So, I figured, “Why not?  I’m an exhibitionist anyway.  Maybe I could really get into this.”  I’m so glad I did give it a try because I love it here and this is honestly the longest I’ve ever held a job. [laughs] I usually end up getting bored and quitting, but CWH definitely does not bore me!

SM: Well, I’m glad you’ve stuck it out this long.  You’ve been with CamWithHer for 1-1/2 years now.  What are some of your most memorable moments?

Valentina: Most memorable moments would definitely have to be some of the crazy p-chats I’ve done.  I probably shouldn’t talk about that here though because that’s pretty private.  But let me say this, I will do ANYTHING. [laughs] So, I’ve had a LOT of fun p-chatting!

OOhh oohhh!!  And also, I’ve collected quite a few sex toys since I joined CWH and my maid actually found this huuuge black dildo that someone sent to me.  I hid it under the bed the other day thinking she wouldn’t clean under there. [laughs] Silly me!  I hear all this laughing coming from upstairs…. didn’t bother to even go up there.. but when she left, I noticed she actually moved it out from under the bed and put it on my computer desk!!  Ahh!!!! [laughs hysterically] I was dying when I realized she saw it.   I hope she comes back!!  She must think I’m a freak!! [laughs]

SM: Oh, that’s hilarious!  I don’t know if I can follow that one up.  Let’s talk about your first p-chat.  Can you describe the experience?

Valentina: Oh gosh, I feel like it was such a long time ago, but I remember being incredibly nervous.  I was so shy at first because I had never done anything like this (well, for people I didn’t know).  I had NO IDEA what to expect, but now nothing shocks me. [laughs]

SM: Well, a lot can change over a year and a half.  How have you changed over that time?

Valentina: I think as a camgirl I’m a lot more open because as I’ve said… I’ve heard it all.  Nothing surprises me like it used to…[laughs]…so I’m definitely down for whatever.  As a person, I’d say I’m way more secretive than I used to be just because I have to be…I feel like a lot of people in my life wouldn’t accept what I do.

SM: Well we sure accept you!  We love you here.  Overall, what do you think about your CamWithHer experience?

Valentina: I absolutely love it and I’m actually upset that I didn’t know about CWH earlier!!  I can’t believe I was washing dishes and waitressing for all those years when I could have been on CWH!  I’m so happy to be a part of this community!

SM: Well, we’re here.  Do you have any last words for your fans?

Valentina: Aww!!  I want to say thanks for appreciating my tits and vag enough to come see them regularly.  No, but seriously, you guys are great and I feel like not only do I have people on this site who I enjoy having crazy p-chats with, but I feel like I’ve developed friendships with them also which is what makes this site so great!  I love you guys… and obviously without my fans (I feel so weird even saying “fans” for some reason) I would be NOTHING…. so thank you, thank you, thank you guys for finding me attractive and continuing to support me!!! XOXOX

SM: Well thank you for a great time Valentina.  Your fare comes out to be…

Valentina: Get real!!

Valentina can be seen on CamWithHer, NonNudeCams, and NudeAdultCams. Also, if you are a member of CamWithHer, you can check out her very own forum.

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