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Mondays are sexy <3 Rawr u dirty monday!


By Nina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



     So a sad goodbye to the weekend *cries* and hello to monday 😛 I woke up this morning to a combo of ice rain and snow! Days like these are when I want to stay at home because scraping ice off ur car sucks balls, I also need to replace my brakes… so I dont want to risk driving in this slippery weather.

    Sooo.. what did I do this weekend?? Well Friday I had to go downtown and get some paper work done, than I headed to the Science center with some friends… yes the science center 😛 I have afew pics I took there, but my camera battery is dead.. so I have to charge that up and than in my next post, I’ll show them off! Afterwards I went to a chinese resturant and had some rice with sweet and sour pork! I also had a leeche green tea that tasted sooo good and wanted to try the fried banana and ice cream.. but I was too full! Afterwards I went to my landlords house to pay rent and went straight home to clean and make dinner!

    Saturday I worked all morning and than went to a birthday party. It was good, but for some reason I was sooo tired, once 1:30 hit.. I was done lol! Im so embarrassed *blushes* I used to never want to sleep because I had such a crappy mattress and I was incredibly hyper. Now I have a great mattress and low iron <– makes me really really tired. I have to start eating steaks and lots of veggies YAY! haha! Im portuguese and we werent brought up with too many veggies, thats why now that im living in an asian area they all think im crazy for always leaving my veggies behind!

       Sunday I woke up at 2pm (came home at 5am) and I felt like shit! Forced myself to go to the gym and felt even more shittier<–Is that a word? Afterwards I went to wallmart to buy a keychain and  to look at the specials 😛 Im slowly becoming the cheapest person ever! My brother always told me to becarefull because when girls work in the adult industry they go spending crazy and I DID! So Im making this year my *fix it* year.. last year was my *learning year* because I made so many mistakes 😛  Afterwards I went to my friends house and her parents made things I had no idea what they were. Ended up being fish guts, cow stomach and tons of herbs 🙁 I have this thing… I HATE HATE HATE when ppl put foods, which was exactly what my friend did *AHHHHH* I dont want on my plate and yesturday was not a day that I wanted to experiment (I was feeling shitty remember?) I always feel bad leaving food behind because I dont want to offend the cook 😛  So I did and while doing it, I made no eye contact.

Ohhh… I forgot to mention that I went to Victoria’s bday last month 🙂 This was the sexiest picture I took!

They had shit-tastic food… but great desserts 😛 We also saw the actor of degrassi high and vic was so cute with “HEY, OMG CAN U GET ME IN THE SHOW???????” cute cute cute  😛

take care sexy bitches <3

Like this:

  • Azballer

    Hey hottie, how’s your bum?? still burned??

  • Tori

    how’s your bunny doing?

  • Silvia

    My bum has a scar 🙁 and my bunny has a scab 🙁

    Booooooo! But we’re both still sexy!

  • Tori

    oh no, what happened to little bunny?

  • Silvia

    my guinea pig attacked him 🙁

  • Tori

    what a grumpy little booger! 😉

  • Violet

    omg you made me want cheese cake >_<

    and i <3 degrassi. i’m so jealous! which actor was it?