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Just an update :)


By Cobalt / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well. I just wanted to update I guess, and rant a little. I recently saw the movie “REPO! The Genetic Opera” and wow….I LOVED IT! I posted something in the forums under “Hollywood, Entertainment, Funnies and More” but very little for responses so I guess not many of you have seen it or liked it as much as meeeee………but then again it is a goth/horror type musical and I am a little goth chick, so it’s right up my alley lol and maybe it’s not for every one but I really liked it, a lot.
I’m not a big fan of Paris Hilton, by any means, but she was actually quite good in the movie as Amber Sweet. There was a deleted scene of her and Terrance Zdunich as “Grave Robber” f*cking…wow it was some hot stuff…I watched it and I was like “What??!! F*ck I need new panties now!!!” *fans myself* WOW! The song there was called “Come up and try my new parts”, check it out. My favorite song/part in the movie was the “Zydrate Anatomy” scene which seems to be every ones fave. The movie is pure genius. You must go see it. No..seriously. Now. Like…right now. lol.

Any ways……..on another note……I might be giving up my turtles for adoption. I hate to do it, and I strongly feel that if you ever take an animal in or get a pet that you should always realize the commitment involved upfront and be ready for that and not later on decide that you no longer want to keep that pet…it’s very unfair to the animal and very irresponsible of the owner. Pets are not just disposable things like clothes you can throw out or give away when you don’t like them any more or they no longer fit….BUT, in my situation, these turtles were given to me by someone and I was supposed to care for them as long as I could, which I have…now sadly they are getting much bigger and I no longer have the room. I would have to get a very, very large tank or tub sort of thing eventually and I can’t do that. I’m attached to them but I realize they need more attention and room/space than I can give them at the present time and since I love my pets I will always do what’s best for them.
I met a guy on a reptile site who lives in the area and breeds turtles and really loves them. He has tons of large tanks and awesome set ups and basically lives for these little guys so hopefully I can meet up with this guy and he can take my babies. He promises photos and updates from time to time too. I’m very pleased with that.

Also, I wanted to add, I’m really enjoying it here on NNC. I am glad I found this site, so classy and above all the rest. Yeah there is a lot of “T & A” maybe a little dirty talk and self-touching to a degree lol BUT I can’t stress enough how unique and cool it is, and how classy it is amongst all the rest…It’s never been my desire to do porn or nude modeling or anything over the top…and I never will….but I still love the art of tease and seduction…you know what I’m talking about…thongs, “side boob” lol, “hand bras”, pasties, and all that tease stuff…the same way I love burlesque and pin-up. Oh and fetish, and BDSM…one of my LOVES, just to mention. But yeah, before I joined here my friend told me “You know, you should really be a cam girl” and I thought “Me? I don’t do nude stuff though…that kinda goes against that rule for myself, lol” assuming all cam sites were fully nude, but then finding this place was like “Whoa…awesome!”. Some of you might think I’m a prude for not wanting to get naked…and that’s fine (And btw I can’t any ways, I am on NONnude cams, hellllooooo that should say something lol so stop asking me to show you my vag because I WON’T, thanks) And as for NAC (nudeadultcams) and some people lately asking me why I am not there too…I have NO problem with nudity/sexuality WHAT SO EVER. If a girl wants to do that and feels comfortable and happy… all means, more power to her, go have fun and make money too, work it baby! And especially if she looks good naked too….haha! I definitely think I look good naked, and I am 100% comfortable and secure with my body and sexuality and naughty side as well…I just prefer not be butt naked or in overtly sexual situations over the internet. I save that for the bedroom after the webcam is turned off *wink*. I have a lot of people ask me “Why don’t you want to do nudes?” it’s just not for me. I don’t have any problems with it, it’s just simply not for me. I can’t say much else besides I just don’t want to broadcast my fully nude self online is all. I sure don’t mind pasties/electrical tape and teeny tiny panties, but showing “the goods” is not my thing. I hope that clears it all up for you people. And this is why I LOVE CWH and NNC because I can be sexy and have fun and tease without showing or doing “it all”. I will certainly push the limits and be very naughty hehehe but not naked though. BY THE WAY if you do want full on nudity and sexier/racier things…please do check out NAC (you probably have already seeing as you are here on CWH, lol) but if not, do. The girls there are like……okay I’m gonna be honest they are some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen short of in magazines. For real. But check me out too, on nonnudecams!!!

Any ways…….in conclusion…here are some of my latest sexy pics 🙂
Vinyl baby……..gotta love it!

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  • yo, i adore paris. she is sexy and i cannot wait to see what she does next! x