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i suck at titles so eff it


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hello everyone! How I’ve missed blogging <3. A lot has been happening. My now ex-boyfriend and I broke things off and I moved out of his place. His mom just has a very anal personality and doesn’t understand privacy and boundaries, so we agreed that living together, and with his parents, wasn’t a good option for us and that we needed some time to ourselves, to breathe and live as individuals. We were basically married for the past year and half.  There are no hard feelings and I honestly wish the best for him.

So now I’m living with a family member in their apartment. I have the upstairs loft area, but it’s originally their daughter’s room so there are all these toys and her crap in there. I’m really loving the Carebears sheets though, I’m not even kidding. I’ve even been playing with her Hello Kitty toys =X! Hahaha shhh, don’t tell her! She (the little girl) came home the other day looking for her Nintendo DS, mine disappeared, and I felt so guilty.  Animal Crossing is addictive!

This week I did the typical break up routine and acted irresponsibly every night, might as well because my internet didn’t start working until yesterday (you never know how much you love something until it’s gone hehehe). I became closer friends with my main man Jose C. and hung out with friends. But because of that, I got behind in homework and suffered the consequences. Tonight I’m trying to get all of my work done for the week, but it’s hard to focus because I’m a forum addict and love talking to everyone.

Last night I finally got to see Watchmen! It was so, so, so good. I LOVED it! I have some friends who are starting in the entertainment business (being personal assistants’s a.k.a. scum of the earth lol) so they think they know everything about movies (rolls eyes). These friends told me not to waste my time seeing it and that the movie was a big letdown. I like to form my own opinions and went and saw it anyway, and I’m so happy I did because now it’s my favorite big screen super hero movie.

I finally got my hair permanently straightened! It took 6 hours of my life and thankfully I never have to do it ever again, until I have curly roots. But I’m not going to bore you talking about my hair like I always do. Let’s discuss food, or rather, I’ll discuss food. I’ve gained about 5 lbs from eating out and eating crap. I spent $80 at a little Japanese noodle house eating ramen, fried tempura, teriyaki eel w/ rice, teriyaki chicken, gyoza, and sake bombing! I want to live in this little area of the city, there’s all these cool Japanese shops and little convenience stores. Then I could meet the international people from Japan and they could tell me about all the cool anime, manga, and cool spots are. One can dream, right?

Well this got weird, so here’s a few pictures of some bewbies.

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  • Violet

    Hey Tori, sorry to hear about the break up. Glad you’re moving on with life though. Sounds like you’re a smart girl. And you’re so young still. Better to put yourself first for now. <3