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*Giggles* Tee-Hee! Lah lah lah. . .^_^


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Free Content , General



My blog titles are getting worse and worse.  😛

So I did a big hotel shoot last Thursday.  Everything went really well, but we didn’t accomplish as much as I hoped.  Five shoots. . . not terrible.  There’s never enough time for me between camming and this other project I’ve been working on.  It makes me feel good to stay busy, but I start to feel guilty when I take a day off.  Because there’s always more work to be done.  Makes me feel neglectful in a sense.  I don’t know. . . I guess I just need to calm the fuck down.  Take one thing at a time.  It’s difficult to think that way when I’m trying to accomplish so many things at once. 

Anyway, I have so many great pictures from all the shoots I’ve been doing!  It’s killing me, but I can’t share any yet. >_<  I really wish I could.  All I gots for ya is web cam pics right now.  I’ve been putting a lot of myself in to my recent work, and it’ feels so amazing to have creative control.  I love it.

Last Friday I saw Watchmen.  I really liked it a lot.  I knew it was going to be a good movie, (in spite of any feed back from psuedo intellectual snobs, who want to make it into something it was never supposed to be. lol) but I never imagined I’d enjoy it so much!  I like a lot of comic based/super hero movies, because I enjoy anything full of color and cartoony characters.  Sometimes I’m disappointed when it’s nothing but a bunch of action segments, and they don’t go into the history of the characters. That’s always the most interesting part for me.  I liked a lot of comic books as a kid, but I never really had the chance to get into the Watchmen.  So I appreciated all of the character history in the film.

I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it yet, but I definitely think it’s worth seeing whether you’re an old fan or not. 🙂

Today we went to see Coraline.  I’ve been going to the movies a lot lately.  *^_^*  It was still in 3D, and I was super geeked about that because I wasn’t sure if that was ending shortly after the initial opening.  I haven’t seen a 3D movie since “Muppets Vision 3D” at MGM studios in Disney World.  Heheh.  I think I was maybe 7 years old. . . I can’t remember.  Digital 3D seems to be better.  It actually looks a lot more three dimensional rather than the pop up book effect in the older movies.

I loved Coraline too.  I don’t think it’s for everyone, but if you’re a fan of Tim Burton stuff you’ll most likely enjoy it. 🙂 Definitely our kinda movie. Had kind of an old Brother’s Grimm/fairy tale sort of them in some parts I think.

Oh! And my Sister was wearing the cupcake earrings I made her.  Hehe. So cute. <3

Like this:

  • Damien

    erf Coraline is not in Australia yet :-\

  • STeeLeRMaN

    I think I’ll skip Coraline, but Watchmen does look pretty good. I’m glad you’re keeping busy with the shoots.

  • Maango

    I like cupcakes!

  • Tori

    i loved watchmen. i want to be jupiter for halloween

  • Violet

    Ooooo you be Jupiter Tori, and I’ll be Silhouette! 😀 Then we’ll go out trick-or-treating.