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CRAZY next few days!


By Elise / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So today I went to the America’s Next Top Model auditions because this year is for girls 5’7 and under. There were so many girls that they had to push the auditions to monday and tuesday also lol I was really mad that I waited in line all that time in the hot sun in my heels trying to look as hot as possible just be to told i have to come back on monday lol and the audition is three and half hours away from me! but im so still doing it cause u never know what could happen. The only problem is that I have my Britney concert on sunday night. So im sleeping as late as possible tomorrow so i can get enough sleep to function lol and getting ready, going to my concert, coming home to shower and freshen up, packing the car driving the three and a half hours to the audition so im first in line (ill be there like 3 or 4 hours early ewww)…. once im done with the audition then im driving back home sleeping as much as i can to wake up and leave by like 7AM to drive 4 hours away where i will be staying for 3 days doing make up jobs all 3 days all day long…. then i drive back home to go to a George Lopez concert that night lol now is that a crazy next few days or what?? im gonna be pooped! so dont expect to see me on much til about the 12th. i might have enough energy to be on for a lil bit in the hotel while we are shooting if i even have a connection in there. so yeah thats whats going on with me hahah insane! talk to yall soon and wish me luck!! <333

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  • STeeLeRMaN

    Good luck with the audition Elise. Sounds like you’ll be a busy little beaver for the next few days. Enjoy yourself.

  • shanealan

    did you get picked?