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Nyli Says Hi!


By nyli / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hey everyone!

I hope all is doing well. I certainly am.

Today in Southern Ontario it was a high of 17 decrees celcius and sunny. Yay! I feel sooo much better today. It had been one harsh, cold, winter. It’s about time for some nicer weather. By looking at the long range forcast, I don’t see anymore snow but I am not going to be too hopeful about that because I remember last March we got a dump of snow that left me unable to leave the house.

So 2009 has been going very well so far. If it was not for taking pole dancing, I don’t know how I would of gotten through the cold and harsh winter. I am having sooo much fun doing this. However, I am really badly bruised all over! My shins, my hips and my ribs are so bruised up. It looks like something beat me up or I’m in an abusive relationship. Hahaha. Nope, just my pole.

So here’s a sexy pic for you. The other day I accidentally took this pic with my web cam. Doesn’t it look great for a webcam? Gravity really works in my favor (hence the boobs). But you can see my veins sticking out of my neck because I am really using all my strength to hold myself upside down for this shot.

So here is my update for March.. Starting Friday March 13th to Sunday March 22nd, I am going to have a week off from work so I will be camming mainly day time hours! I am so excited to have some extra time off as well as being more available on CWH. So from the 13th-22nd, watch out for me day time hours!

By the way, I know I posted that I will be doing 1.99 cheap pchats tonight but I am having trouble with my internet. It keeps flickering in and out every 30 seconds. But I think I know what the problem is. The other day I called my ISP to ask if there was any way I could make my internet faster. They said they could bump past the max but it doesn’t mean it will work. I have to call them again to put it back the way it was because my internet is being all screwy. My ISP is pretty good about getting back to me so if I don’t get online tonight, I will promise to be on tomorrow evening. Tomorrow afternoon I am having some more work done on my house. My house is very old and the basement needs a lot of work because it leaks all the time. LOL. And we are expecting a lot of rain tomorrow so I will get to see how my work is already doing.

Next pchat – Saturday March 7th in the evening.

Next members chat – Sunday March 22nd at 4pm EST!

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