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It smells like formalin! Wanna smell?


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So we started cat dissections this week and my hands have been smellin’ like formalin, which is the aqueous solution of formaldehyde. Sucks cause after I cut up my cat, (Not MY cat but the cat in the lab ;p I could never cut up MY cats!! I love her and him too much!) my gloves always get little nicks and cuts so the cat juices seep in and my fingers smell. Smells better than my fingers up YOUR ass tho! But if it was MY ass…mm mmmm…nm…. *shrugs

So the professor actually allowed us to take a cat home! Can u believe that?!! ONE person did! Not me haha. I dunno, my dogs would probably chew on it and my cats would be scared haha not to mention that smell would make me =x. So yeah nm my dogs wouldnt want to chew on it, but who knows! I do think I have a penchant for cutting up things. I sawed off its tail like a pro and separated muscles with perfect precision. It is a great learning process and its neat to learn all those muscles. I dont think I could ever be a surgeon, I cant operate on living things but dead people…no problem! I have flirted with the idea of being a medical examiner quite a few times, so who knows! So these cats were from overpopulated shelters 🙁 Sucks but in a way they didnt die for nothing? That sounds kinda mean but they are giving students a chance to learn about anatomy.

But yeah Cats are <3 🙂 (^_^)

Like this:

  • Insty

    Too much exposure to formalin is bad for you 🙁

    If they try to make you use it too much, you tell them NO! 🙂