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Registering for classes…


By Delilah / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So I had to register for classes the other day and I didn’t get into my organic chem class I needed to so I sent an email to the chem department…  So they eamiled me back and said they’d give me an add code or let my teacher give an announcement in class but… of course it didn’t go down that way.  Instead they send me an email saying, “In 5 minutes we will open up 50 seats…”  Yeah so by the time I saw the email they’d all been taken!  5 minutes notice?  Yeah right!?  So now I have to crash the class and hope for the best, ugh, just makes me feel nervous about next quarter, I hate that feeling!

Anywho, other than that I’m doing really well, doing good in my classes and ready to be done with this quarter!  I can’t wait to go home for spring break cause then I can hang out with my friends back home and spend some time at my other job too!  I love my other job (I teach horseback riding lessons to kids) and I really miss my friends from work and such… and of course… the ponies!  That’s something I don’t know if I’ve mentioned… I’m a huge horsey girl!  I’ve owned plenty of horses and I was really sad to have to sell my own horsey when I went away to college. *tear*  If I had the money, I’d buy him back in a second!  I recused him from a slaughter house and he’s been my baby ever since.  But I won’t get started on horses or else this blog will go on and on and on!  I’m off to bed!

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