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Tori – Brazilian Princess


By Andy / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,




In the spirit of the ongoing Brazilian Carnaval we bring you an interview with our newest addition to the CamWithHer ranks, Tori. This very determined young lady just got promoted to CamWithHer last week and we’re all very excited to have her onboard. She’s only been around since October 2008, but has already made a name for herself.

Andy was lucky enough to spend a few minutes asking Tori some questions and you can read the result here.


Andy: First of all – Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. You just got promoted to CamWithHer – Congratulations!

Tori: Aww thank you.

Andy: You have this very beautiful and exotic look. Brazil?

Tori: I am a Brazilian mix. My ethnicity is Brazilian, African American, Cherokee Indian, and Irish. I really want to visit my family in Brazil soon too.

Andy: So you speak Portugese?

Tori: Unfortunately, I don’t. I know a few little phrases or words, and for some reason I can understand it more than I can actually speak. It’s on my to-do list haha.

Andy: But you do dance samba?

Tori: A little bit! I love to dance, it’s in my blood, and especially to Brazilian music. I can’t resist.

Andy: Meow! How about that famous latin temper, did you get your share of that?

Tori: I have to admit, I can be pretty fiesty and I do have a little fiery temper. Some find it sexy, and others get so scared! But I also have my sweet, angelic side (the side you see on the forums and in chats).

Andy: So how did you first hear about CamWithHer, and what attracted you to this place instead of other camsites?

Tori: I found out about CamWithHer through an ex-model’s personal website when I was about 16 years old. Nyluh was the only girl online and I was just stunned by how beautiful she was (and still is)! CamWithHer was the first camsite I had ever heard about, and from that day on I would honestly check the site daily. I chose CWH because they’re the best site and they actually care about their models. The models get along so well with one another, it’s really a tight community.

Andy: Sounds like CamWithHer has lived up to your expectations.

Tori: CamWithHer has exceeded my expectations! I want to say it’s like a dream come true. The people in charge listen to your suggestions The models get along so well, I haven’t had one experience with cattiness or drama, it’s just apart of the CWH community and vibe. I would truly do anything for the CWH people, they’re amazing!

Andy: I must say, you seem very determined and motivated, and you were just promoted to CamWithHer for your hard work. When it comes to camming, what are your goals?

Tori: My #1 goal is to produce the best content that I possibly can to satisfy our visitors, because without them it’s all kind of pointless. I’ve reached my goal of being promoted to CWH, now I want to show that I appreciate my position. My current goals are to be online at least 30 hours a week, post 2 new videos a week, keep my portion of the blog updated, and to continue with my large number of picture sets in the forums. I also am in the process of setting up some professional shoots, I can’t wait to start doing that!

Andy: Very nice – your attitude is awesome! When could we expect to see some pro shots of Tori on CamWithHer?

Tori: I want to have these done before the end of March, which will be my 20th birthday. I’m also hoping that the forum members will add some requests to the requests section of my private forum. It’s my ultimate goal to satisfy the members and put up content that they want to see.

Andy: So I heard you just started school. What are you studying?

Tori: Oh man, school… (lol). I’m currently studying business marketing and fashion merchandising, and I’m actually enjoying it. I took some time off school because I had no idea what I wanted to study. Luckily, I’m now truly happy with pursuing a business and fashion degree.

Andy: You’re a Jane-of-all-trades. But where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? Living in the suburbs, mother of two, married, a dog and a station wagon?

Tori: I see myself having earned my degrees in marketing and fashion. I’m the oldest of 7, so I’m not really into having kids at the moment haha. I hope to either have opened my own business or to continue studying things that interest me. I also want to earn degrees in grapic design, accounting, advertising, and computer networking/systems. I might even go to cosmetology and makeup school, who knows! I love to learn and I see myself being in school for a long, long time. I see it this way, if you’re going to spend money, you might as well invest in yourself.

Andy: Lets talk some sports, cause I know you love that. I heard you didn’t miss a Lakers game in over 2 years?! Wow, that’s devotion. What made you into the huge fan you are today?

Tori: Uh oh, you might not be able to shut me up after this! First, I need to shout out to Kobe and all the wonderful Lakers players. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to our goal of winning the championship this year! #1 in the league right now, wooo! Sorry about that, I’m passionate about my men in gold and purple. My grandma got me into basketball when I was in 2nd grade, and I’ve just always watched games with her. Lakers have always been my team. If Kobe actually stumbles upon this I’d probably die. Can someone file for an online restraining order? Hahaha

Andy: Besides being a devoted Lakers and Kobe Bryant fan, you’ve said that you had a crush on David Beckham. For your European and South American fans i have to ask; are you soccer fan or is it just about Beckham?

Tori: David Beckham (orgasm)!! I am a fan of soccer, Brasil will always be my team! I only really watch if Brasil is playing and if they make the world cup. I’m still pissed about France though.

Andy: There’s no denying it – you look very fit. Do you find time to workout in between all the camming, studying and sports watching, or are you one of the lucky ones that can eat and slack as much as you want and still look fit?

Tori: LOL! Oh my, believe or not but I never work out. I’ve been to an actual gym about twice in my life. I hate to sweat and I refuse to run, unless my life is in immediate danger. I’m just lucky to have good genes, which definitely come from the Brazilian side of the famijly. I’m actually pretty lazy when it comes to physical activity. Actually, I lied. If sex counts, I work out numerous times daily!

Andy: And now for something completly different. I heard you love feet? Explain 🙂

Tori: AHHHHHH!!!!!!! Wow, I almost threw up. I hate feet!! I literally just got goosebumps thinking about them, uugghhh. Feet are on the floor for a reason, they’re not meant to be touched, sucked, etc. You know what really grosses me out? When people spread out their toes and wiggle them, ahh! It is so nasty.

Andy: I think we’ll have to move quickly over to another topic, haha. You’re an animal lover – you got any pets around the house?

Tori: I’m a huge dog lover. My family has a French Bulldog and a teacup Chihuhua. I’ve also stolen the heart of my friend’s family’s dog, Angel. She is so cute! She’s a Pitbull and American Staffordshire mix and she’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met. They got her from the pound and she’s way smarter than my two dogs, who are hopeless lol.

Andy: There’s just so many things to ask you. Old school American muscle cars is another of your favorites – you seem to love them. What’s your favourite one?

Tori: 1969 Ford Mustang GT or a Chevrolet Stingray. Just thinking about those cars make me wet!! I also really like the new Dodge Challenger SRT8, what a piece of machinery!

Andy: You obviously have excellent taste. Do you own a car yourself?

Tori: Haha I do, but it’s not my dream car. Let’s just say you might end up seeing it on Pimp My Ride (yeah, it’s that bad).

Andy: So, I’ve done my reasearch. A little bird told me you like Anime. What’s your favourite one?

Tori: Right now I am obsessed with Death Note, I just found out about it via Cartoon Network and have been watching online. My favorite movie is Princess Mononoke, it’s the first anime movie I ever saw. I’m always looking for new anime to watch and love when people suggest new shows and movies to me.

Andy: Hayao Miyazaki – very nice. I hear you also play video games. What kinda games you play?

Tori: The PS will always have my heart: Grand Theft Auto, Guitar Hero, Crash Bandicoot. I’m also trying to get adjusted to Xbox 360 controls, I play 2K9 and Halo on that system.

Andy: And the question all of your fans are dying to ask: What do you look for in a man?

Tori: I have a fetish for shaved or bald heads, it’s such a turn on for me. But for the most part, I like a guy who’s honest and genuine. I hate that macho “pimp” bullshit lol. Fancy dates are nice and all, but I’m way more impressed by a guy who I can hang out and play video games with while munching out on pizzas.

Andy: While on the subject of men; if you were to choose an ideal evening with a man, what would it be like. Would you go out clubbing, dancing and boozing it up or would you rather stay home with a good meal, wine, music and some cuddling on the couch?

Tori: My ideal date would to go go kart racing or lazer tagging. I’m even down to go to the arcade for hours! I hate clubs, I like my personal space and I find that people can be sloppy. If I’m at a club, it’s usually for a friend who’s promoting.

Andy: To close this, tell us; do you have any hidden talents we don’t know about?

Tori: I’m double jointed in all my fingers, I’ll post a vlog of that one day. I can make all my fingers pop and make these weird sounds, it grosses people out. I can also wiggle my ears. Now how sexy is that!

Andy: Haha, you’d be surprised. Where can we find this lovely brazilian princess on cam?

Tori:,, and

Thank you so much doing this interview, Tori – hope you had as much fun answering this as your fans will have reading it.

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