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My first blog entry!


By Cobalt / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hey every one, Miss Cobalt here! This is my very first blog entry ever, I am pretty excited! I actually had a pretty nice day today, so I actually have something to write about too, haha! First, I got my excellent pasties in the mail today, love them! Black hearts, muah! I am becoming obsessed with pasties. Im becoming obsessed with my own boobs actually…not in a vain/conceited or egotistical manner, more just because well, I have rather small breasts ranging from a larger A cup to a smaller B cup (about 32B) and being on a site which is filled with beautiful women, most with rather large breasts, can be a little intimidating sometimes…I used to be a dancer for a short time and all the girls had C cup or larger. I felt inadequate at times. But I’ve discovered that I love my breasts! And being a bit different does give you an edge, your own little corner you know. I love big breasts (oh, believe me…if I go out and see a girl with luscious boobies popping out of her top….oh it’s on! I can barely concentrate, I’m walkin into walls and stuff…hahaha!) but I have learned that I love my little ones too! Go me! 🙂
I have always loved them actually but sometimes outfits don’t work the way I want them to, and I get discouraged. Corsets for example…I love them. But they push my boobs DOWN rather than UP like when a girl has big boobs. “Chin boobs” I call them, hehe, when they are in a tight little corset! Alas, I will never have “chin boobs” of my own…LOL…but I am okay with that! Besides, I am proportionate, and cute, and that’s all that matters, right? 🙂
Any ways, I went out with my friend today, and had a nice time. We went to lunch, and got chinese buffet. I tried to force feed him sushi…man, he wasn’t havin it! LOL! I ate THREE WHOLE PLATES by myself! I wolfed em down too! I am like a garbage disposal when I eat sometimes haha and I don’t know where it all goes…I loves me some food stuffs! hehe! And it was so good to have some good food, and good talk, and take a nice drive. Loved it.
Well I am in for the night now and ready for some funnn! Find me on the pchats if you’re ready for some Cobalt hehe!

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  • Violet

    I love small breasts. Especially on petite girls like you.
    Just remember. . . when you’re 40, your boobs will most likely still look 20!

    Hot leopard outfit in the pics. So sexy meow!

    Oh! And I adore Asian food too! Especially buffets, because it’s so much fun to try all of the different stuff. Mmmmm.