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Marchmellow marchmellow


By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Woo its March already! Im sitting here being a lazy bum chilling and being mellow (March-mellow get it?! =P) because exam week is over! I should enjoy this while it lasts cause the next exam season is already rearing its ugly head and sticking its tongue at me! >=( Imma throw a rock at it. You guys should help me throw rocks at it. Get one in it’s eye for me please! Thanks!

So Ive been going to comedy shows lately. One of my friends started a comedy night in downtown and he’s pretty darn funny so its nice to see some live stand-up and have weak ass long island ice tea come out of my nose while I laugh my ass off. I so wish I could be a stand-up comedienne but I’m not that consistently funny or that quick witted. So mad props to those that do stand-up. It’s tough! He was telling these jokes about Chris Brown and Rhianna…how it was raining that night and he punched her cause she said ‘Hey Chris don’t forget the umbrella..ella..ehh .ehhh..ella’ lol? LOL??? Ok I guess domestic violence is not a laughing matter and shouldn’t be joked about at all! =x There were some laughs in the crowd, actually alot of half laughs mixed with sounds of disgust. Like those people wanna laugh but know they shouldn’t. Haha. There were some other not so PC jokes, you know, my kind of jokes. 😛

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    Marchmellows are almost as bad for you as formalin 🙂 j/k