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Jenna, She's More Than Just a Bookworm


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



Jenna is one of Non-Nude Cam’s (NNC’s) greatest jewels.  Her love of animals is only second to none and she is always sharing with her fans in her own NNC forum.  Maybe it’s her southern charm, but this little lady has captured the attention of several admirers.  She was willing to share everything from her personal life to her life on Non-Nude Cams and Nude Adult Cams when I met up with her on one of her daily runs.

SM: Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me.  I must admit, I’m not much of a runner.

Jenna: It’s my pleasure.  Just try to keep up.

SM: I’m a grown man, Jenna.  I think I can keep up with a little thing like you.  Now, you’ve been in the public eye for just over a year.  I thought people would love to hear a little bit more about your personal life.  Tell me what happens in a typical day at the Jenna household.

Jenna: I’ll get up at 10 or so…eat a bit of breakfast…feed my puppies and talk to them for a bit and play… go run for a bit…shower and most likely either working or BS-ing around the forums for most of the day unless I have errands to run…cook dinner and possibly clean whatever needs to be cleaned…chill out for a bit… watch TV and let my rats run on the bed or let my bearded dragon free roam.  I like to peer at him once in a while to see what silly thing he’s doing.

SM: I love a woman who can cook.  Are you any good?

Jenna: I’m excellent! And plus i just love to see what I can do with ingredients and experiment.

SM: Well, then let’s pull you away from the kitchen for a bit.  I just won the “Win a Date with Jenna” contest.  What would we do to make me the happiest fan on the planet?

Jenna: Oh, boy.  Well, assuming I don’t know the guy, probably a dinner at the Roadhouse or another steak place… go to the bars for a few beers (not long just to loosen up a bit more), go home, maybe watch a movie and other things. [laughs]

SM: I’d love to go more into the “other things,” but for the sake of the public that can see me right now, it’s probably best that we move on.  Are you one of those girls that orders chicken and a salad at a steak place?

Jenna: No way at all!  Most places have an entree and 2 sides.  I will pretty much always order [the] 8-10 oz fillet, medium rare and double steak fries.  I love my food.

SM: You’re a woman after my own heart.  Do you have anything to drink by the way?  I’m getting a little parched.

Jenna: I’ve got some Dr. Pepper.

SM: I’m a pepper, he’s a pepper, she’s a pepper, we’re all peppers…how does the rest go?

Jenna: …wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too? Be a pepper, drink a Dr Pepperrrrrr!

SM: I knew you were a huge Dr. Pepper fan.  Can you name any of the 23 ingredients?
Jenna: Oh, I can name some, not all: vanilla, almonds, soda, amaretto, molasses, blackberry and cherry.

SM: Wow, that’s pretty good!  You must have quite the memory especially since I have heard you’re going into Veterinary Medicine.  How long until we call you Dr. Jenna?

Jenna: Yep, you heard right.  I have anywhere from 4 to 6 more years of school, depending on how quickly I can get into vet school.  I have a passion for animals and I’m one of these people that want to help others and I want to help animals especially with health and all that.  I also want to raise awareness for other animals that can be GREAT pets.

SM: What animals are present in the Jenna household?

Jenna: 3 rats, 2 black labs, and a bearded dragon and 3 guys if you want to count them too.  [laughs] They’re my roommates.

SM: You live in a house full of guys?!  How does that happen and what’s it like?

Jenna: Heh, well I got evicted… and of course the best course of action was to find a place with the most room where they’ll accept me.  I love it here!  Cheaper rent, less drama, big enough place for parties.  In fact, I’m having a party tomorrow!

SM: Well, thanks for the invite.

Jenna: I didn’t invite you.

SM: Damn.  Moving on, let’s talk about life before NNC/NAC.  What did you do for work?

Jenna: I was a cashier for a grocery store for nearly 2 years when I was in high school.  That was my best job next to this one. Then I worked at Linens N Things for a summer and eventually quit cause my boss was an ass. Now she’s out of a job because the stores went bankrupt. That’s karma for ya!

SM: So, you’re a big believer in karma?

Jenna: Oh yes, definitely!

We continued our run talking about her love for comedies, all things rock-n-roll (including Indie and Metal), and her love for reading.  Her reading library ranges from fantasy to science-mystery.  She also points out that she loves “a good vampire book, not the tripe that Twillight is…”

SM: Jenna, is there a special someone in your life right now?

Jenna: Huh?

SM: I said, is there a special someone in your life right now?

Jenna: What?!


Jenna: Yes…I am.

SM: Huh?  What?!  You’re deaf?!  Oh, god.  I’m sorry.  I never noticed.  How can you hear me then?

Jenna: I just have a really good high-quality hearing processor… it’s called Cochlear Implant and I got implanted when i was 4-1/2.

Basically, it is a flat, magnetic disk with a tail (resembling sperm) and the disk is right under the skin in my head and the tail goes into my inner ear canal into my cochlea.  The tail pretty much acts as nerve endings because mine are dead.  Then there’s an outside processor that looks a bit like your average hearing aid with a wire up to the processor to transmit sound and all that.

I went through years of speech therapy.  My grandma drove me 2-1/2 hours once a week.  The average amount of years that a client has to go through this is usually around 15 [years].  I finished therapy in 8 years.  Being ridiculed and made fun of in a small school certainly helped with me learning fast and speaking so well!

SM: I bet!  Admittedly, I have never noticed.

Jenna: If you really pay attention in my v-logs, some of my words are a bit deaf-sounding and i think in the vlog I posted today, you’ll catch glimpses of my hearing aid along with some pics.

SM: So back to my original question, is there a special someone in your life right now?

Jenna: There’s a lot of special someones in my life; all 7 of my animals and I’m including the man too. [laughs] But they’re all great and my fans too.

SM: Does “the man” in your life feel fortunate to be with the infamous Jenna?

Jenna: I’m sure he does!  He always tells me how lucky he is.

SM: Speaking of lucky, your fans sure are lucky.  Going back in time to your first p-chat, what was going through your mind and what did you think of the overall experience?

Jenna: Oh my gosh.  I was so nervous.  I turned on the music, started dancing and fretted to myself in my head like ‘does this guy like this?  I hope he’s enjoying it!’ but fortunately he was a regular for other girls and was understanding!

SM: I’m sure you shared that story with the other girls.  Who are some of the CWH/NNC/NAC women that you are really close with?

Jenna: Well, I’m especially close with Kaylee and Dahlia because I met them outside of here first.  Kaylee got me on here and I got Dahlia on here.  Other than that, I’m forming friendships with the other girls, slowly but surely.  I’m a very shy person.  I feel weird PM-ing other people first, but I’m breaking through my shell and opening up to other girls.  They know who they are!

SM: You are shy?  Is it even possible for a camgirl to be shy?

Jenna: It is!  I’m just shy when it comes to forming friendships, especially with other girls.  I don’t normally approach people.

SM: I have to ask you, what brought you to NNC?

Jenna: Well, I was having a hard time finding a job.  Then I remembered Kaylee worked at CWH, so I asked her if I had potential.  So here I am!

SM: I can’t believe you even had to question it.  This is great.  I can’t believe we’re almost done with the run.

Jenna: We’ve only gone a mile, Jerry.  We still have a long way to go!

SM: Oh god!  I think my intestines are bleeding.  I’ll try to suck it up.  Let’s talk about your camming experience.  What are some of the strangest requests you’ve received?

Jenna: A guy asked me if it was ok for him to do auto-fellatio in cam2cam.  I had to look it up and then proceeded to be shocked.

SM: Do I want to ask?

Jenna: Probably not.

SM: Enough said.  What are Jenna’s aspirations in life?

Jenna: Like I said, I want to be a vet.  I’m very country too, so I also want to have a family out on some land with a nice house and a llama pasture.  I kid you not.  I will get a license and will raise them.  Along with my entourage, I would like to have a pig and a goat.  I just want to be successful in life.

SM: Maybe I’m ignorant, but what can you do with a llama ranch?

Jenna: Well, I will keep a llama ranch to keep llamas.  They’re just so sweet.  I would feed them and go out and hang out with them in the pasture!

SM: I’m sure that would be a beautiful picture.  Let’s talk about your camgirl experience.  What one word would you use to describe it?

Jenna: In one word, I’d say liberating!

SM: Jenna, either I stop here or the E.M.T.’s will have to be called.  I do know you have several fans.  Do you have anything you want to say to them?

Jenna: Gosh, I would say thanks for sticking around!!  I know my times of getting on was wonky and I would disappear for a while but they always hung in.  I really, really appreciate it when they’re there while I’m trying to find a happy balance with camming and life.

SM: Can’t breath…

Jenna: Are you alright?!

SM: Leave me here.  I’ll just move toward the light…

Jenna can be seen regularly on NonNudeCams, NudeAdultCams and ICGirls. You can also view her camgirl profile here.  Also, check out her forum.

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