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By dahlia / 8 years ago / In: General ,



yaya so i just got back from seeing Coheed & Cambria and Slipknot in concert and it was AMAZING

so this is how my night went:

4:00 got myself some chicken strips from Waterburger; yummy!
4:30 left for the show with friends
5:30 bathroom and mcd stop
6:00 not lost on the road yet
6:40 start freakin out cause were gonna be late

7:00 accepted the fact that we’re gonna be late and try to find parking
7:05 Rick rolled the parking atttendent
7:10 get lost in the underground parking
7:15 make our way inside!!!!
7:18 go straight for the drinks (grey goose, cranberry, sprite please)
7:25 Trivium is playing; some hard metal band with an asian lead singer; they’re ok but i’m just even more excited about seeing the other bands
8:00 Trivium finshes up and they start preparing for Coheed
8:15 make my way up in the crowd somewhat up to the front
8:30 glorious Coheed; I love them
9:30 is that all??? sadness
9:35 wanted to go buy myself a tshirt but all they have is like X-larges and stuff…boo
9:45 go get myself another drink hehe
10:00 Slipknot; there was sooooo much to look at on stage and soooo much craziness and beers flying everywhere; pure awesomeness;
11:00 still going but my legs are begining to ache
11:15 encore…..
11:30 lights go on; tis over
11:35 leave and go next door to bar
1:00 I am done! whoo long day and long drive back home

so that was pretty much it; i had a lot of fun and will hopefully do it again sometime real soon! later gators!

Like this:

  • phatmunky

    Personally I love Trivium and not so much Coheed, but that would have been an awesome show

  • Delilah

    I saw Coheed in concert too… they’re amazing!!! Lucky girl you!