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Morning, yall! :)


By Jenna / 8 years ago / In: General , Health , News



Ahh, it’s 9 AM.. Can’t believe I’ve been up for 2 hours already. Whew! Being on this schedule is crazy. I’ve been getting up at 7 AM and going to bed around 11-12. It’s a new thing for me. I’ve noticed on this schedule, I’m way more likely to work, so I’m sticking to it. Though on the weekends I’m definitely going to sleep in LOL. Gotta have a day or two where I can sleep in some! Or i’d go crazy. I’m trying to stay motivated. I know I keep doing this schedule, that schedule.. I just never really found what worked for me. So far this one’s working pretty good! 🙂 Just can’t go derailing off!

I need to get back to running too. Desperately. I’ve been feeling blah about my body lately and I usually feel a lot better is when I actually go running. I live kinda out of town and this street’s not very long, it goes by a couple of pastures of cows (there are some CUTEEEE baby calves there, sometimes I’ll pull over and pet them if I spot any close enough to the fence.) ANYWAY there’s usually a good bit of traffic at certain times of the day so I’ll have to figure out when’s a good time. I could always run to the other street and cross this major road and run in this neighborhood, but the busy road is too busy! Grr. I really do need to make a route. I don’t really enjoy running up and down the street back and forth for over 30 minutes. On top of that I need to add in lunges, squats, crunches, and other various workouts. Good thing I have weights, I don’t have a clubhouse to go do all that anymore.

I’m watching the Travel Channel now.. I love it. Though sometimes I feel like they have too many food-y shows on there that I think it should be on Food Network instead but oh well. I’m watching a documentary on Hawaii. I’m such a geography person, I love learning about places, what they look like, what’s their attraction, the people, culture, everything. The government part and stuff kind of bores me, but some of the countries’ government is interesting to look at, like the history behind it, revolutions, why it happened, etc. I could be a geo major but I think I love animals more. Plus I’m one of these people that loove storing random information and tell people about it hahaha. I think my friend told me that crocodiles (or it could be alligators) that have TWO penises. That would be weird.. I can only imagine if humans had two. Lots and lots of sex from you guys HAHA. Jk. Well, prolly not kidding for a few of you guys 😛

OH and I had a free chat last night at 6. It was fun! I’m thinking about doing one every Wednesday at 6 PM CST. What do you think?

Anyways, I’m p-chatting now until 5 CST, so yall better come on by and visit sometime!

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