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It’s been so long….


By Jessy Jo / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , Events , Free Content

Jessy Jo

Jessy Jo

…since my last post. Almost a month …..dayum! I have been sick and lazy , but most of all sick. Nothing serious , just another flu …uhm…it’s like the 6th I got. Thanx God it’s finally gone ….I hate to be forced to stay in bed.

What did I do while I was sick …Not much….I watched tons of movies which is my favorite pass time lol ,Im a movies freak :)). I had my hair done, yes I went to the salon even being sick, I wouldnt miss it for anything in this world lol. I think its important to look good even if you are sick…..otherwise you get a depression , well , I would.

I feel kinda lonely as my sis left in Tenerife for a week with her friend. She is enjoying it big time….I wish I was there too , I miss so much the beach and the sun and everything . But most of all I miss my sis. We used to go out together for a coffee, or to have lunch together. Gossip about guys….lol. Well she will be back soon . Her birthday its coming up soon and I have no clue what bday gift to buy to her . She is into make up….she likes to play a lot with colors and styles. I was thinking to buy her a professional brushes set or a make up guide/book. I need to think about it. Ewwwwwww I thought I have a lot more time, but its February , ewwwwwww, this month has only 28 days !!!??!?!?! Dayum ! Ok so her bday its on 5th march, so I still have a bit of time to decide.

I watched the latest episodes of “House M.D.” …OMG , I love Dr House, he is such an asshole , lol. He is a cuteeeeeee cuteeee cuteee asshole. I wish this show never ends. I will be so sad when it will end, Im gonna cr even , lol. Im such a big Dr House fan ! And Dr Lisa Cuddy is so cute and sweet ! I want them to be together !!! I sound like a freak , haha !

I need to make some new photos as I’m so bored of the ones I got now…..I really need new ones. I was thinking to buy myself a nice good photo camera. I’ve always dreamed to have a Nikon. Im thinking to buy a D60 Nikon…..but….I need to start working first lol.

Ah, let me tell u something funny and gross abt my sister’s dog. LOL. His name is Ice. As I told you, sis is in Tenerife so she asked me to keep her dog to my place, but I couldnt, so she asked mom to do this. Anyway the dog is at my mom’s place. So he is cute and he is behaving fine. But one of this days, he pooped inside the house. So mom was getting ready to clean the mess. She didnt even had time to clean coz she saw Ice grabbing the poop into his mouth and eating it . LOLOLOL ! She grabbed Ice into her arms , took him into the bathroom , in the sink and started brushing his teeth with tooth paste and tooth brush ! Omgggg, poor mom, poor dog !!! LOL. I laughed so much when she told me ! Haha! But the dog is really cute and sweet, its a shihtzu dog ! A sweetheart !

Ok I washed my hair and now Im gonna go out to eat mushrooms stew with sour cream and with polenta . Yummmmm Yummmm !

Ill be back later and I’m gonna go online to have some fun ! I cant wait for it ! Hope I see ya guys there ! Kisssyyyyyyyyyyy !

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