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is it really 4am? wow…


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: College , Free Content , Girl Stuff



Good…morning(?) everyone! Crap, it’s already morning?! Talk about being a night owl… anywho, I’m hopped up off a large White Chocolate ice blended (extra, extra whipped cream) from Coffee Bean. It’s the first and only drink I’ve ever had from Coffee Bean. I’m an absolute creature of habit and incredibly picky when it comes to putting things in my mouth ;).

So I had a shit ass day at work today, woo hoo! I’m a perfectionist and a people pleaser, go figure, so I get upset with myself when I don’t get things down perfectly. My job is challenging because we’re responsible for so much, and everything we do has a lot of steps and is very detailed. Anyway, I accidently did something wrong and the lead receptionist ratted me out and implied that I made the mistake with malicious intent, so I got written up! The salon owner pulled me into his office and had this serious talk with me, and I even started crying. I was able to explain my side and how it was simply a mistake, I think he believes me. I then spent the rest of the shift feeling like a failure and just being down on myself. Drama queen!

Then I came home and received some surprising news that made me feel 100% better, I was promoted to CWH!! I literally started screaming and running around the house, I jumped on my boyfriend (we fell, lol) and was going ape shit! I’ve wanted to be on CWH since I was 16 years old, and it’s almost unexplainable to finally reach my goal. I am so, so, so, so happy! My 4 months here have been nothing short of amazing. I’m really fortunate to have met and gotten to know so many of you, thank you for making this such a special experience for me (kisses)! I’m even going to be here when they start Cam With Granny (hahaha, could you imagine?!).

Next Thursday is my first appointment for my hair transformation. I’m going to have the Yuko (Japanese straightening) process done to my hair. So excited to sit in the salon for 5½ hours (/sarcasm). It’s going to be worth it, I keep damaging my hair because I straighten it every day (my hair is thick, curly, and dry which = split ends central). I will no longer have to waste 30-45 mins. of my day straightening my hair, and it can actually grow and look nice. After the straightening, I’m going to dye it and add extensions. I’m not sure if I want to lighter or darker though… but I’ll move along because I highly doubt you give two shits about my hair =P.

I’m behind on homework and reading for this week. Luckily, that large White Chocolate hasn’t worn off yet, woo caffeine! I’m going to stay up late and hop on pchats (and do my hw). If you’re a member of the forums, keep a look out for two new photo sets that will soon be available.  And if I haven’t put you to sleep yet, goodnight!


P.S. Couldn’t leave you without some pictures!!

Oh yeah, I made a clip for this outfit which can be found by clicking here. How can you go wrong with a nurse outfit and Led Zeppelin?

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