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Well Damn!


By Sica / 8 years ago / In: General ,



It’s almost a full month since I started working on here! I can’t believe it ! Yeah, when I’m sitting in Pchats waiting for a show, it seems slow, but in general and over all it’s been quick. Everyone on the forums are so nice (with an exception of a few) and the people coming in for PChats are so much fun!!! I am very glad I signed up for this job because it is teaching me how to love myself for what I look like and who I am without having to be so self concious about everything, so thank yall!!!!


The only bad thing I would have to say is that I’m having some health problems as of late and not only is it a bladder infection that is getting worse by the hour, now it had made it’s way to somewhere else, and it is distressing me sooooo badly because I think I may end up having to use all of my first paycheck to go to a real doctor instead of a free clinic, because this problem keeps occurring, and I think that the people at my clinic just aren’t aware of the problem because they’re uneducated in that department and/or lazy, or just because it’s free. Oh well.


If I don’t do that, I am paying my BF back for the logitech pro webcam and giving him money for his state tax refund because I was dumb and did our federal on turbotax and needed the 1044 form for the state tax, so ughhh…..and I cant do his state on turbotax cause they want to charge $30 which would only leave him $50 so yep, $180 out of my check is going to him. I also have to take money out and put it aside for the 1099 form next year when taxes come around because apparently I pay taxes in this job instead of them taking them out?? This will be new for me but it’ll be one more thing that I can learn from and end up gaining knowledge from it. 🙂


But the rest of that money after paying him and putting tax money aside , a little bit of it will be for food and neccessaties around the house, and ofcourse SAVING MONEY FOR NEW COMPUTERRRR!!!!!! I can’t wait!

It is so difficult to work on here when it wants to freeze with every click. Ugh. And talk about loading time..MAN 20 minutes just to get the desktop up, that is IF the computer did it without fucking up, which in that case I have to restart it , lol. I’m in dire need of a new computer.


So with economy being shit, I’m hoping it jumps back up soon. I wasn’t one for Obama, but my birthday was two months to late for election so oh well, I hope he does “CHANGE” it for the better!!!


I am sorry this blog came so long after my first one, I will write another one soon. 🙂




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