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Our "Internet Bad Girl" Violet


By STeeLeRMaN / 8 years ago / In: Articles , News ,



Violet with her ferret Tallulah

Whether she’s talking about ‘poo’ or showing off her sweater puppies, our lovable Violet has been featured as one of G4’s newest internet bad girls.

I sat down with Violet for a one-on-one in her spacious 13 bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills to discuss her new claim to fame.

STeeLeRMaN: First Violet, thank you for taking the time to discuss the recent Internet Bad Girls feature.

Violet: Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my bathroom…?!

After Violet removed the choke-hold  and the police left, the interview continued in her living room area.

STeeLeRMaN: [Clearing throat] Once again, thank you for your time Ms. Violet.  So, you have been featured on G4.  How were you approached about this recent project and were you allowed to offer any input?

Violet: I actually wasn’t approached or contacted previous to the airing of the show. The entire thing was a big surprise. I just woke up one Saturday morning, and found it posted all over CWH forums. I would’ve loved to give some input, or maybe an interview.

STeeLeRMaN: Well, that’s why I’m here…

Violet: Eyes up here, STeeLeRMaN!!

STeeLeRMaN: Sorry.  So, what did you think about the feature once it was finished?  Did you like how you were portrayed?

Violet: I thought the whole segment was very cute, and I didn’t mind how they portrayed me. I suppose they got my whole cam persona down pretty true.  I was thrilled to see CWH promoted, as well as many of my photos and clips.

STeeLeRMaN: Is there anything you would have wanted them to do differently?

Violet: As I mentioned before, I would’ve loved to do an interview. But hey, I guess it was easy work and free promo! Gotta think positive!

STeeLeRMaN: That’s a great outlook on the whole thing.  Now, they branded the internet bad girl as “someone you wouldn’t want to take home to mama.”  Has anyone ever taken you home to their mama?

Violet: Yes, actually! Ha ha. Moms always hate me. I’m not sure why. I try to show them the respect they deserve, but I’ve had some bad experiences with some crazy Mama’s. Mother’s are always sort of overbearing when it comes to their baby boys.

STeeLeRMaN: I’m sure my mother would be dancing with joy to meet you.  As mentioned in the piece, you have some “formidable” dancing skills.  On a scale from 1 – 10, how would you rate your dancing skills?

Violet: Hmmm. . . well I took 10+ years of dance classes when I was growing up. I wouldn’t say I’m an amazing dancer these days. I’m probably a 8-10 when it comes to strip teases, and burlesque style dancing. Oh. . . and my booty tricks, a 10!

STeeLeRMaN: Back to the feature, they also included Kat Demone and Veronica Van Sant.  Ever heard of them?

Violet: I had never heard of them before. The internet is full of so many beautiful girls. It’s hard to keep track.  I was proud to be the only cam girl in the feature.

STeeLeRMaN: Since you were the only cam girl mentioned, who else do you see from CWH as being an “internet bad girl”?

Violet: Silvia is my partner in crime. We always enjoy grossing everyone out, just for shock factor. She makes everything 10 times more fun.

STeeLeRMaN: You two together would certainly make your fans happy.  What did your loyal fans think of the G4 snippet?

Violet: I think a lot of people thought it was pretty exciting, but some of my fans were concerned as well. I think they weren’t sure how I would feel about being on TV. Luckily, I’m cool with it. My family knows what I do, and my Mom was more geeked than anyone.

STeeLeRMaN: That’s great.  I’m sure your fan base has increased ever since the piece.

Violet: A lot of people private messaged me, or popped into my chat to say, “You were on TV!”  I probably got some new traffic out of it, but more than anything our veteran members seemed excited to see one of the CWH girls on G4.

STeeLeRMaN: Has G4 or anyone else asked you to do any additional media?

Violet: I haven’t heard from G4, but I welcome any creative outlet that allows me to promote or express myself.

STeeLeRMaN: I really don’t think you’ll have an issue with getting more opportunities.  What’s the one media outlet you would love to venture?

Violet: My true love is fetish and glamor type modeling. I really hope to work on a new solo site very soon. I want to continue to take amazing photos until I’m too unattractive to do so! I’d like to produce more artistic video in the future as well. And of course, I’ll cam for as long as possible.

STeeLeRMaN: One more question regarding the feature.  They mentioned that you “love you some animals”.   How many pets do you have and what kind are they?

Violet: I adore animals. More so than people probably. I hope to have the time and money to rescue and foster unwanted pets someday.

I used to volunteer at an animal shelter that my Mother worked for. We fostered everything from reptiles and amphibians, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and even baby squirrels.

I have two female ferrets and one male. Tallulah is a small silver ferret, and the most mischievous and energetic of them all. Monkey is a sweet little sable girl, with raccoon like markings, and she loves to cuddle. Ghost is my huge lovable dumb albino male. All three of them are very good natured, and love to play.

I also have two male cats. Grim is big, all black, short haired, with gold eyes. He’s getting a bit fat lately. Keoki is all white, long haired, ultra fluffy, with blue eyes. They’re just about a year old now, so they’re still very hyper. Both extremely loving, and they get along great with each other and the ferrets.

STeeLeRMaN: Wow, I guess you do love animals!!  And finally, Violet, if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Violet: I have always loved Willow trees. They’re kinda sad and droopy looking though. . . I think I’m more young and perky like a pine sapling.

STeeLeRMaN: Maybe I’m wrong, but don’t pine saplings drip sap all over cars?  It’s pretty messy stuff.

Violet: I drip all over my computer chair and sex toys when I’m horny. Similar, no?

STeeLeRMaN: Oh, God!!  Give me a moment.  Violet, thank you for your time.

Violet: You’re more than welcome.  Remember the restraining order next time….

You can catch more of Violet on,, and

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