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Sad sad sad


By Jayla / 8 years ago / In: Entertainment , General ,



So yea.. I’m sad! I tested for my mchat earlier to make sure everything was working and all and my internet screwed up bad and I have had some problems with it so I unfortunately cannot do my chat tomorrow :(.. But first thing tomorrow morning, before I go into work I am going to get a modem so I can have another cable line directly in my room and a better connection. Sorry guys, I was really looking forward to this mchat.. went out and bought a bunch of great stuff for it, so I am super bummed about it. But maybe a slot will open up and I will still get to do one this month. On the sunnier side of things, I have a shoot this weekend which means I will have a bunch of new sexy pics to post 🙂
Ughh I am thinking about getting some extensions tho, cuz I am getting sooo sick of this new short haircut!

It was nice at first cuz it was new but it’s getting old fast and I miss my long hair! It was worth cutting it though cuz I donated it to Locks of Love, which is such a great cause.. I just wish it would hurry up and grow back already! lol.. anywhooo what else…I ‘m thinking about gettin a new webcam too cuz mine you cant control the lighting and I just dont like the overall quality.. I mean its not bad, it was pretty expensive, and a good one to start out with lol but I need a better one.. and now that I have a good amount of time off of school and alot more free time I will def be camming alot more. Well I better try to get some rest.. got an early day tomorrow.. if I cant sleep.. which I probably not be able to since I have been a total insomniac lately.. then I will be on pchats.. so if so, cum see me, keep me company, and cheer me up!!

xox Jayla Soprano

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