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lizzys just wanna have fun


By Lizzy / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , P-Chats



so im about to put a shirt on and leave for work this morning when my manager calls me and tells me hes already there, he thought he opened today. so now im closing. i hate waking up early! but im already showered with make-up on so i can’t go back to sleep. arg! whatever. im not gonna stress about it. gives me some time to do things around the house…yeah right. were getting a 400 shoe shipment today, and im not looking forward to it at all. it prob won’t even be close to being done by the time i get there. not stressing…hopefully my man will bring me some neato burrito tonight while im at work. thats really all that i want.

so guess who has a NAC account now? me! yep, i just have to download the splitcam software or whatever…im kind of stupid when it comes to technology and things, but hopefully i’ll be ready to go soon. yay!

i feel like all i do is work. don’t get me wrong, i love being on here. but i work my real job, i come home and get on here. i never get to do anything fun anymore, and me and my hubby aren’t getting to spend enough time together. i know its hurting our relationship, but i won’t even get into that…this sounds more whiny than i intended it too…lol. uhhh, thats why i was looking forward to having tonight off so we could hang out. o well. this saturday im supposed to be going to a “beach party”. its just beach themed. i have a feeling i’ll be too tired, or friends will bail on me…lately im a party pooper. next weekend is the philly tattoo convention and i will force myself to have fun! haha, well, i hope i don’t have to force myself, but you know…

i think i might hop on p-chats for a bit before i have to go to work. cum chat…im never on during the day! i wanna say i’ll be on tonight too, but whenever i post ahead of time when im gonna be on some stupid shit happens that prevents me from doing so…so yeah. maybe. haha.


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