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By Ashleigh / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hey guys, been forever since I’ve actually written a blog out haha, I usually stick to making vlogs lol. So how was everyones Valentines day? Mine was surprisingly good! My sweetheart woke me up with bacon (lol I love it) and then took me to the spa for a looooong massage, and then bought me new PJs, lotsa wine and we chilled at home and ordered in my fav chinese food! It was so great to have a day all for me just to relax! Especially with the mayhem going on right now- I’m moving!

I know what you’re thinking: “Ashleigh moving AGAIN?” hahaha and yes, its now my ninth move in six years. WTF is wrong with me!? Actually  this one isn’t my fault lol. My sweetheart got a promotion and transfer to FUGGIN NOVA SCOTIA so I’m tagging along. Can’t believe I’m leaving Ontario!!! I was born and raised here so its kinda huge…and my family is kinda upset that I’m leaving 🙁 But…girls gotta do what she’s gotta doooo! I love my new house, its soo pretty and right on the ocean too! Well, across the street from the ocean 😛 so expect lotsa beach pixors in the summer! 

Other than that whats new…hmm not much. Just sick of packing and painting. The movers are here Tuesday to pick up my crap so I only have like 6 days to finish packing and painting my house…doesn’t help that everyone under the sun wants to see me one last time :/ gahh. lol

Anyways, yeah so thats my life right now. Pure and utter chaos as usual. Can’t wait til things settle down and I can get back to my pchatting! I miss you boys!!!


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