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By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



HEYOOO!  It’s me babbling here in the blog.  Again.

How’s it going?  Oh me?  I’m tired.  What else is new!

So lyke…school …and stuff.  Bet you know what this one’s gonna be about ehhh?  School’s been busy.  I’ve started to go in for makeup hours on sundays because they’re offering them for a limited time…and next one is this coming sunday so I’ll be at that one also.  Fucking sucks to sit there for so long in one full day!  Not only that but that means I’ll be there six days a week!!!  What the hell.

Hmmm what else?  My mchat is coming up tomorrow at 4pm EST.  Uhmmm…My eyeballs kinda burn at the moment.  All the snow here seems to be melted away now.  I ate taco bell tonight after class.  My sister’s dog is a terrorist who ruins everything he can possibly get ahold of.  I’m thirsty right now but I don’t want to go grab something to drink because I’m busy writing this!!!  I’m thinking of adding some color to my white as all eff blond hair lol…maybe a bright/bold/funky color like I did before…not sure yet?  What else?  Uhhh my left foot is falling asleep at the moment.  I have a huge couple of knots in my back under my shoulder blades from constantly having my arms extended outwards and to the front/sides almost all day these days doing hairs…uhhh…could use a deep tissue massage or maybe a trip to the chiropractor?  I dunno!

I had a fucking bitch ass client from hell at school this weekend.  She comes in with her mom, they both need updo’s…Well, they say they have to leave by 12pm for a wedding right?  This bitch comes in with hair down to her ass, CRUNCHED together with HARD ass GEL in her crispy hardened dryed and stuck together curly fucking kinked ass hair…I had to sit there and brush/rake that shit out a million times over to get out most of the product on it, and then go through and flat iron small sections of all of her hair so it’d be all straight/smooth to do the updo she chose.  Well, that took fuckin forever because dried product like that with a flat iron makes it all kinked at the ends and flat irons it into a stiff sheet of hair that you then have to go and rake apart then reflatten it a few times…because it’s all stuck together.  Anyway whatever…

That took forever, about the first hour i’d say to go through and do it over and over for each thin parting to get it straight from root to ends and smooth and nice looking well basically…then they changed their time from needing to be out by 12 to needing to be out by 11!  I was like uhhh yeah we’ll see what I can do but I’d already started the updo and was like 1/4th way through it (she chose an intricate time consuming updo of course)  Well I’m standing there working as fast as I can to get it done and look super pretty *everyone liked it and passed by saying it looked awesome BTW* wasn’t FINISHED yet either…then this bitch starts saying things like “oh it’s ok just leave it we have to go” I”m like uhh no…you can’t “just leave it” you don’t see how it is in back it HAS to be curled or you will look ridiculous and just not pretty AT ALL.  Her ends were still dry like and frayed like a straw broom sticking straight out…she couldn’t go to a wedding like that.

So of course I was like well it’s almost done I just have to pin a few things in place and curl some other parts and then it’s done…well THEN…her fuckin mom comes over and starts touching the hair.  You do NOT walk over and touch the hair I’m working on…how fucking rude!  She’s all fucking with it, moving things…telling me I should pin this part, asking me what another part is and saying I should pin that, telling me to hurry up and asking if I can go faster, telling me I should curl bigger sections so it’ll be done sooner..blah blah blah!  I finally just got pissed the fuck off and I was like “I’m going AS FAST as I CAN, FYI!  It’s not going to look good if I sit here curling GIANT fucking sections of hair…it’s gonna look like clumped together loose and falling out curls which’s not what this look is going for…and the piece you asked why isn’t it pinned in and what’s wrong with it???  That piece isn’t CURLED yet and it needs to be PINNED into place!”  So NO I can’t go faster, I’m not going to go any faster, I’m almost done, you changed your time after it was started and uhh…fucking suck it you stupid old bag!  Don’t tell me how to do my hair design and if you touch one fucking piece of hair again on this girl’s head and try to instruct me on what to do with it I swear to god I will shove this fucking iron up your ass!!!!

Ok, I didn’t SAY *all*  that lol, I did slightly tell them off though.  I wanted to tell that bitch to go home and do it her damn self since she thought she could stand there and tell me what to do and hold pieces in place saying pin this here and whatever curl bigger go faster…obviously I wasn’t fucking done yet…I was working on the whole entire thing and I don’t need her mediocre assistance with anything I’m doing!  AHHH!

So then this bitch ass mother goes to ask my teacher if they can make me go faster b/c they need to leave…and then she’s asking if someone can come “help me” like I need any goddamn help.  The teacher informed her stupid ass that it’s my design and no one else knows what I’m doing and it’s rude to try to rush me when it’s their own fault, and that if she wants it to look good she’ll stop pestering me and let me finish…and that they can’t force someone to come help because one they’re busy and two it’s not their design and only I know what I’m doing with my own effing design.

If this does ever happen again I will just simply walk  away, and tell them they pissed me off and can now get the fuck out of my chair and go home and do it themselves since they think they can instruct me on how to do my own job.  Fuckers!  I don’t think I’ve been any more mad recently than I was that fuckin day!

Like this:

  • Maango

    ahhhhh thank god i don’t have to deal with random people at work too often

    i wouldn’t have a job lol

  • Warjen

    I would have shaved her, lol. Give her the Sinéad O’Connor smack-down.

  • Tori

    lmao, what a bitch ass

  • I bought mine straight out and even with a 3 year warranty (around $10) and priority processing (around $6) I still only paid $75 a piece for the first instyler and the free one. I hope I get mine soon…will keep everyone updated!