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My Pussy


By MIA / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Well the most important thing in my life, my pussy, is doing amazing!!!!!! My cats you silly!! 🙂 they are so well behaved. Little kitty was making m y life impossible for a while there. Your prob. thinking thats crazy ,b ut really its not. He would knock over shit all day! I would come home and it looked like somone ransacked my house or I was robbed. Cats are not supposed to do that! LOL My best friend Emily just adopted a cat from the humane society. Its adorable and so good ! The first night they had it, it went under the bed to hide and crawled its way up into the boxspring. I have no idea how that happened but with the antics of little kitty it really doesnt surprise me. When we were at the shelter looking at all the cats , I felt so terrible for them! I want to be a foster mommy but my little apt isnt big enough. Ive been trying to buy a house since last JULY and the only one I enjoyed was a condo in a brand new complex that wasnt completed yet. With the recession it doenst look like they will be completing the rest of the homes any time soon either. My mortgage company didnt like that, and would not approve the condo ass. for me to buy the house. WHAT?! I didnt even know at that point they had to approve it. Something with the association and the fact that the complex wasnt compelte. They were amazing condos…actually the first place I went to look at with my realtor. They were selling units 100-150k below ‘value’ and what others had paid a year ago when they first started building them up. I still dream about those condos every night lol.  My mom keeps saying everything happens for a reason though. I have to agree…If i was supposed to be living there, I would!! 😛

Like this:

  • I remember looking at condo complexes when I was north of there, some were beautiful, I wish they made some like that near Cincinnati.

    You were JUST telling me today about the kitty being bad again, so I guess they’re reverting a little? 🙂