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the result of insomnia


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: College , Entertainment , Events



I love writing new blogs. I’m sorry if this sounds cheesy, but I really feel like I’m connecting with everyone on a more personal level. Even though there isn’t too much going on in my life, all of you always have something kind and encouraging to say. So, I’d like to thank you!

Expect to see some significant changes from me, good changes :]. I just ordered a shit load of lingerie (costumes, sexy sets, stockings, etc.), an external hard drive, a new webcam (that will hopefully work, and it comes with video editing software and takes 8MP pictures, woo), and new subscriptions to Spy Sweeper and Anti Virus. All of this, minus the lingerie, will fix my computer issues. Anyway, back to the changes. I have a consultation on Thursday. I’m going to discuss, with one my stylists, about permanently straightening my hair, dyeing my hair, adding some high lights (for dimension), and then adding long, long extensions. I’m going to have long, pretty hair again! I also have little things to do, like going tanning and getting my nails done. You know, girl shit!

Next on my list are the Canon Rebel XSI with the remote, lens, and tripod. Can anyone recommend a good, sturdy tripod that isn’t made of aluminum? I’m also looking into video cameras, I think I’d like to get an HD one. Any recommendations for that as well? I guess I should also figure out lighting equipment and backdrops… ah, help, please!

Ahh, I have so much other stuff to take care of as well. I need to pick up my books for my first business class, pick up my car, buy insurance, pay a $50 bill, register my car, print & do my homework, and plan a budget for myself. Being an adult is so cool [/sarcasm]. A budget is in serious need, I’m really bad with money and managing it, and not spending it.

My only days off this week are Thursday and Saturday. I covered some shifts for some lazy employees, but I’m not complaining. I love working because I know what it’s like to not have a job and to have to constantly worry. Thursday, I have appointments and errands and camming. But Saturday is where the fun is at and that’s because it’s Valentine’s Day! I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day itself, I’m just happy because my love is taking me away for the day to one of my favorite little islands. It will be nice to have a little vacation, but then I have to work at 9:30am on Sunday.

I have some ideas for more ink and piercings, but I’m not 100% sure yet so I’m not going to bother to go into detail.

So I’m rambling about shit that really bares no significance to your life and well-being. Wow, so I just resized about 50 pictures all so that the damn program could close on me! This is why I hate PCs, this shit will almost NEVER happen with a Mac, but is like guaranteed 99% of the time with PC. I’m going to bed lol.

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