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*insert something clever*


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Humor



For those of you who don’t frequent the forums. . . you may not have heard that I was on TV.  I had no idea it was going to happen, but I was featured in an “Internet Bad Girls” segment on Attack Of The Show on G4.  Pretty neat, huh? ^_^ Plenty of footage of me making an ass of myself.  You know. . . the usual. Click here to watch!

The weather has been crazy lately.  It’s been 50 degrees here and rainy, instead of the typical -0 and 5 feet of snow.  Kinda eerie if you ask me.  I’m enjoying it, but I know I haven’t seen the last of winter.  I need a vacation somewhere warm and relaxing.  That won’t be happening anytime soon, so maybe I’ll make myself a margarita and buy a sun lamp. lolz I’d like to go to Mexico.  I just have to convince my family to accompany me, and set aside some monies.

Oh ya, I went back brunette already.  Sorry blondie lovers, and fire crotch fetishists!  🙁  I feel sexiest with dark hair.  It suits me, don’t you think?

I’m so bored this week.  I wish I had something cool to look forward to.  I feel like I’m in another slump.  I’ll get out of it soon enough.  All I can do is worry lately.  I’m a great worrier!  It’s a master skill of mine.  Try not to be too jealous.

This blog is boring. . . I feel bad for you if you read all of it.  Lah dee dee dooo dooo lah lah lah laaaaah!!  Post a comment if you just read that. 😀

Ok, I think you all need some fresh new noodle pronz.  So I’ll leave ya with some you sexy bitches! Muah! <3

Like this:

  • haha i always read your blogs! feel better, vio (hugs)

  • Violet

    that’s cuz you’re awesome tori! lolz <3

  • Damien

    Read it all once more. 😛

  • Maango

    silly lady 🙂

  • Jayla

    aww hope u feel betta violet 🙂 cheer up buttacup! winter always gets me like that too. u were def the hottest one on that g4 segment! and i agree with you, ur hair looks amazing any way but the dark suits you best…super sexy as always =) XoX

  • Cae

    ur gorgeous Violet..keep doin ur thing tho’ must feel nice to be on TV.

    take care.

  • that’s so awesome… yay! ferret lovers unite!

  • Cobalt

    Violet is the sex. 🙂 And I love me some animals too….I have 6 ferrets… should come ova sometime and we should have our kids play together! YAY FERRETS!


    WoW SHE IS Almost like ANGELINA JOLIE But With Tuning … 😀

  • que buena hembra que sos, no sabes como te cojo de parado!!!

  • damn ur a hot piece of female flesh

  • homero