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First Blog..Hope I dont fuck it up. haha


By Sica / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Well, I have been on NNC for a week and two days now.

So far it’s been pretty good!

However I’ve had some slow days and ran into some real jerks. 🙁

I know the good guys way out ratio the bad ones, but It’d be nice to bump into the good ones, LOL.

I’ve had a few good customers though, and it sure is fun to peform in front of people on cam!

I loveeee dancing for yall it makes me feel so sexy and really gets me going.

I like playing with Big Vibe too..haha. What I don’t understand though is some people see the picture of it, and then they come in or PM me asking me to put it in my punani…I’m like, um, you plug it into the wall..and It’s a rubber head that gives out vibrations, that is like 2 inches in diameter, how you do you expect me to but that in me 1. Not tearing myself in half and 2. Not electrocuting myself?


Tards. rofl.

Anyways, so I’ve been contemplating, and after I get enough money I plan to buy some much needed things.

1. NEW COMPUTER. Because mine is a piece of shit and is ALWAYS freezing, and it’s so hard to do any work on this site when it freezes all the damn time!

2. Lingerieeeeee!!! I need some sooo badly. All the other beautiful ladies got a whole bunch, and I have very very little.  Bad thing will be me finding stuff that actually fits…Having small tits really does affect the shopping difficulty for lingerie. 🙁

3. New Clothes, lol. My ass is getting bigger and bigger, which is a good thing cause that means I’m finally starting to maybe get over 100 lbs. who knows though. (I was 90 lbs when I ran away from home, so don’t think I purposely am as small as I am. haha)

4. Money to go tan in a bed (Which Im scared to do!) or to buy a bunch of bottles of lotion that make you tanner as you use it more. It supposedly leaves no streaks, but leaves a steak-smell to you…Oh well, guys like steak, right?

5. Belly Button piercing! 🙁 Scared though. I hope it’ll look good

Well, all that stuff should help me look better and be more productive for work here on NNC. I figure I need to fix my appearance up a bit before I will make alot of money, lol.

Hm, well I’m not sure what all I should type in a blog? I type alot, and I don’t want to just keep blabbering away about things yall don’t want to read.

Oh! Something that’s been bugging the shit out me! Don’t yall HATE IT when christians will sit there and say they don’t appreciate you judging them because only God can, but then they turn around and use their relegion against you and talk down on you?!

I had someone who I thought I was very close to tell me “I’m living a good Christian life now, and I’ve been trying to bite my tongue, but I do NOT approve of you living there with my son” hmm…Now, how is that christian if you can sit there and say you don’t approve, and it’s wrong for me to be taking care of someone and loving them? I can’t stand hypocritical Christians.

Not many people here in NorthCarolina know my real story, I have no girlfriends, and I have to keep my real age a secret from S.O’s parents…which sucks.

I have to keep this job a secret too, lol. Although my grandparents from Georgia know, but oddly enough they thought it was awesome…Weird?

I wish I could just tell people my stuff, and not have secrets, and they love me for who I am. I feel like only a certain amount of people I actually communicate with in RL love me for everything I am…

I’m always so worried about things being let out and stuff. I wish they just knew and would not care.

Oh well.

So yeah as you can see I’ve been having some personal stress problems lately , but It’s just a down hill in the rollercoaster…there’ll be a twist and I’ll be going right back up again.

I hope yall enjoyed this blog, sorry if it was boring!

I’ll be writing another one soon. 🙂






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