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week 2


By Sabrina / 8 years ago / In: General ,



…of the semester is over and it ended on a better note =) I crashed a philosophy class & today is the last day I can pay for the course so I’m gonna do that after I write this blog =) The class is “Introduction to Values” & it explores such topics as “What makes a good person?”, “Why should we strive to be good?”, “Are we all inherently selfish?”, “Do I have a duty to perform a certain action, and if so, why is that?” & so on and so forth. A lot of these topics may seem like common sense but I tend to overanalyze and dissect a lot of issues that people just accept because we’ve all been conditioned to believe or behave a certain way. So yay philosophy =P

Tomorrow evening I’m going to dinner and a movie (“He’s Just Not That Into You”) with a few of my girlfriends. It’s been a LONG time since I went out with a group of girls so that should be nice. A lot of my friends are guys and they won’t wanna see that movie but I definitely do! I read the book about a year ago and enjoyed it immensely.

I’m watching a movie about the capture of the Green River KIller on Lifetime and damn, serial killers have always been so fascinating to me. We even discussed them last night in my philosophy class. In 1999, a neuroscientist named Antonio Demasio found out that there is a part of our brains that processes morals in the neocortex by the time we are seven or eight. And if that part of the brain is NOT developed, then you may be a sociopath. So perhaps Gary Ridgway’s (Green River Killer) moral thought process center was never fully developed? It makes the subject that much more interesting =D

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone!

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