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life and such


By Lizzy / 8 years ago / In: Events , General , Rants



its snowing. like the kind of pretty snow that you want to go outside and take pictures in. except it keeps blowing in your face and annoying you. at least it was when i was coming home from work…

last night we got neato burrito and watched wall-e. how do i feel about this movie…lets see…when half of the movie doesn’t even have real dialogue, not for me. it was cute and had a good message, but it was def a kids movie. although i think the message is probably lost on the kids its intended for. and that was about the most exciting thing thats happened this week. so far.

i’ve been really cranky. not motivated. i need a light at the end of the tunnel…but i have nothing to look forward to. everything just seems like another chore i need to squeeze into my schedule. life shouldn’t feel like that. so i push on anyways.

i miss my family.

i signed up to work the sunday of the philly tattoo convention at the suicidegirls booth. for real this time. so now when they call me i can say “yes! confirm me! the job that runs my life actually let me off this time!” i don’t even want to get into what happened last time…so hopefully i’ll have that to look forward to. i think if i end up going to this i want to try to get the inside of my lip tattooed. i have a few ideas for it. not sure which one will win out at this point.

my hubby has officially made friday taco night. i can’t wait.

the end!

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