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Carrot Top! *^_^*


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , Updates



I got bored with the blonde already! It’s pretty easy to go from blonde to red.  It’s crazy how a change of color can dramatically transform your whole look.  I’m loving it so far. 😀

Today I had steak and eggs for breakfast.  Mmmmmm, talk about some good ol’ protein.  The steak was nice and tender and slightly bloody, just how I love it.  The eggs were sunny side up, and a bit too runny. >_<  Which I don’t love.  I prefer the whites cooked more than most restaurants offer.

I’ve been making soooo many cute things out of polymer clay lately.  I gotta post pics, but I’ve been lazy about it.  I made a giant Hello Kitty charm, and glazed it like 8 times. So it’s super shiny and plastic looking.  I also made a doodies charm lolz.  Annnnd a yummy ice cream cone charm that looks sorta realistic.  With chocolate sauce, sprinkles and all!  Am I repeating myself?  Probably. . . .

I need to order some PVC and latex, because I have a few outfits I plan on making.  I might be doing several shoots in a week or so, and I want to have my wardrobe ready!  Fabric is just so expensive. 🙁 It’s still way cheaper than buying the outfits already made.  I adore latex, but I seriously can’t afford it.  It’s so sexy and form fitting.  Nothing compares.

I need a sugar daddy mang. : \ Hehe.  Not really, because I like having MY OWN money.  Depending on people makes me feel weak and unstable.  I just need to make more money.  *sigh*  There’s never enough time in a day to accomplish my goals.

Welp, back to work I go! MMmmmm iced coffee and p chats. Jajajajaja!

Like this:

  • ragu

    i’m in love with the third pic eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    beauitful *sigh*


  • Violet

    doodies :snicker