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Nyli Bruised Her Pelvic Bone


By nyli / 8 years ago / In: General ,



I bruised my pelvic bone on the pole at pole dancing classes last night. OUCHIEEEEE!

I was doing a backwards spin. I came all the way down to the floor on my knees and did a lil arch pose backwards but then suddenly I had this great idea that I could do this hip roll thing to make it look hotter. But ended up thrusting hard right into the pole. BANG! OUCHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was then seen rolling around on the floor moaning like a man as if he had been kicked in the nuts.I know girls don’t have nuts or anything down there but it does hurt like hell if we get boxed down there. I think it’s because there is solid bone and not so much fat to cushion it. LOL!

This morning in the shower after I shaved my cooter, I noticed there was a little colouratino down there. And it hurt like hell to shave over the skin there too. Poor cooter. Looks like I am going to have a bruise over my pelvic bone. Well I hope my cooter doesn’t go green or something.  I would have to explain that to viewers who noticed it in a pchat if it gets darker. Umm.. I had a pole dancing accident..

Good news is that my pole has been finally shipped to me. Last night I was taking it out of the box to assemble. I had it almost done when I realized that my pole kit is MISSING PARTS! GRRRR!! All it’s missing is this wrench thing that comes with it to tighten the bolts (I think they are called bolts hehehe). I am going to call the company and complain because those wrenches are mine and I want them. But I could easilly just borrow a wrench from someone else. I am going to find someone today.. ‘Um excuse me mister.. may I borrow a wrench to tighten up my stripper pole I’m putting in my house?’ LOL!

Soon as my pole is up, I am going to do some practice and then I am going to make some sexy videos! YAY! Hopefully I don’t have any more accidents. hahah. Also, in some of these videos I must shout out to SPIKE because he had sent me a gift card to Amazon and it saved me a bit of money when I ordered my pole. 🙂

P.S It’s my birthday tomorrow!!!!!! Buy me lots of presents!

Watch out for me on pchats tonight.


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