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Lately <3


By Elise / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hey boys!! 🙂 just a quick update on lil me lol I had posted a forum about a stray kitty i had taken in a few weeks back and i thought it was a girl but turns out its a boy lol his hair is so long and hes been fixed so it was hard to tell lol but hes the best lil kitty and hes getting a long great with my other 2. I named him Widget lol hes a part of my lil kitty family now. id have a million cats if i could take care of all of them lol love them so much.

I finally got my wassher and dryer fixed too! Since ive moved in… about 2 1/2 months ago lol i havent had them cause the people had to come fix it. well the maintenance people in this apartment complex suck lol too them forever to fix it but im sooo happy to have it now. i would wait til the very last pair of panties to do laundry and then id have to carry all my shit down to the public one (ewwww) lol so ive been doin laundry all week with my own and i love it lol

My best friend is pregnant and shes due in mid march so shes having her baby shower this weekend. ill be out of town for it so dont miss me too much 😉 TOMORROW AT 4PM I HAVE MY MCHAT SO MAKE SURE U COME VISIT ME FOR SUPER SEXY SHOW 😉 I’LL FORMALLY INTRODUCE U TO MY NEW KITTY CAT SO U GOTTA SAY HI TO HIM TOO LOL

I’ll be on PChats tonight too 🙂 see ya later lovies <3 muah!!!

Like this:

  • aw you should post a pic of baby kitty for all of us to see!

  • Elise

    i would but for some reason i cant post pics on the blog…. never works for me lol