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By Ling / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Hi everyone! 🙂 How are you all doing? Im doing well, um that is if you asked, if not Im still gonna answer. 😛

So I was up last night looking at pics of donut burgers…yes burgers made out of donuts, not hamburger buns! WTF right?!! You know my curiosity always gets me in trouble! Im afraid its gonna get me in trouble yet again! Only this trouble will be accompanied by a stomach ache, maybe the runs and heart problems in the future? Haha. YES I wanna try one of these burgers! If Im feeling ambitious I might try it with a custard filled donut for the buns! Oh no I shouldnt have said that I dont wanna give people any more ideas.

So Im sitting here about to work on my 7 page history paper and then a paper for Developmental Psychology – fun fun. And no Im not being sarcastic. I kinda dread it but it is fun. Well hmm fun isnt exactly the word Im looking for, but its not torture either soo umm yeah. 😛

So its Superbowl Sunday. Im not much into football but Im gonna go over to my parents house and have a beer with my dad and also work on my paper during the game 😛 Ill stop to watch the commercials tho. Can you believe those damn commercials cost more than a lifetime supply of donut burgers! Ridiculous! And its like only 3 minutes! HOLY SHEEES! Well if those companies think its gonna boost their sales why not right. Right? Hmmm…

Well hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Its a sunny Sunday for me! WOOT! Sorry to rub it in those of you that live in cloudy rainy parts. =/ Have fun and eat lots and try that donut burger and take pix for me so I can drool over it! >_< <3 =) (^_^)

Like this:

  • Haha I have sunny weather too =P