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way too early to be awake ;)


By Tori / 8 years ago / In: General ,



Good (very early) morning to everyone! I just signed off pchats and I’m now eating some meatballs with bbq sauce and potato salad with bacon bits, yummy! My boyfriend is currently ignoring me because he’s playing 2K9, so I thought I’d blog. I’m happy to say that I FINALLY got my damn ask & answer video log(s) up and running, it only took two freaking days! I had to break it into 3 parts because it was so long, but I’m happy with it. So here is part 1, part 2, part 3, and another vlog about my vlogs.

I’m cracking up because my boyfriend is going nuts about losing his 2K9 game. He played as the Hawks against someone who was the Suns, and they beat him by 20 because they kept doing the spin move with Stoudemire then had the game of their life with Robin Lopez, lmao. It’s really, really bothering him! And I’m no help because it’s hilarious, he lost by 20 in 1 minute and all I can do is crack up. Apparently, it “ruined” his night. Boys!

I’ve been working on some content, working hard to get promoted to CWH! Here’s a sneak peak of some Valentine’s Day pictures. Goodnight & beijinhos!

P.S. I cut my hair! I like it a lot, it’s really healthy now. I’ll be getting extensions in a few weeks though =P.


Like this:

  • Violet

    Your effort totally shows. 🙂 Super cute hair too!

  • Tori

    Thank you, Violet! 🙂