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Trashy ho!


By Violet / 8 years ago / In: Free Content , General , P-Chats



Totally what I was going for here. . . I think I achieved! Yup. The ugly truth. That’s what I look like after a long night of camming. *sigh*

I’m uber geeky excited, because I’m starting to make jewelry. *^_^*  A really awesome dude, (TY MUAH!) got me this polymer clay oven from my wish list a while back, and it’s just been sitting around.  I kept meaning to use it, but never got my ass to the craft store for supplies.  Yesterday, polymer clay just happened to be 50% off!!  Wooot!  So I bought like 20 colors or something. lol  If you don’t know what polymer clay is. . . well, the name is pretty self explanatory.  Polymer=plastic, and clay meaning you can mold it.  So it’s clay like and flexi out of the package.  Then when you cook your piece, it becomes a firm plastic sorta texture.  Pretty cool.

I have all sorts of ideas, but my first project will be either a cupcake charm bracelet for my Sister, or a large ice cream cone charm on a necklace.  I bought jewelry making ends and the like too.  Mainly i just wanna try to make a bunch of cutesy accessories for fun.  If I don’t have some sort of creative outlet in my life, I get totally depressed.  I’ll post pics once I have a few finished pieces. 😀

Oooo and another awesome dude got me a sewing machine from my wish list recently!! TY TY!!  I mentioned before that I plan on making my own lingerie.  I bought patterns yesterday, but I think I’ll be making a lot of my own patterns.  Lingerie sewing isn’t a very common craft unfortunately.  I’m going to start with simple bras, panties, and bikinis.  Once I’ve gained some skill, I want to try my hand at corsets and more complicated costumes.

OMGSH! My Valentine’s Day vid that I worked SO hard on is out!  So check it out. 🙂 Click the link below.

Like this:

  • I hope you post your creations in the forum, I’d love to see them! I wish I knew how to sew, I’d make my own jeans lol (little waist, big ass issue). I loved your video, Violet! It was edited so well and you look amazing 🙂