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sick sick sick!


By Lizzy / 8 years ago / In: General , Health , Rants



yes, i have been sick with some kind of stomach virus for the past few days. it started on tuesday night…i had to call off work on wednesday. my manager is never happy about that. especially because it was my open to close shift. it had snowed on wednesday i guess, and i was sort of seeing double, so i had my mom come and take me to the doctor. i knew they weren’t going to give me anything to help…just wasted $20 telling me what i already know. but i needed a note for work. the doctor just told me it was a virus, to drink lots of fluids, and eat bland food. gee, thanks. so i’ve been drinking gatorade, i finally got some chicken soup in me last night, which is what im eating right now too. im feeling much better, just really weak and achey. the doctor did get me off work today though too…i kind of actually wish i was at work. i hate being sick! i get really sick like once a year, and when i do it just knocks me on my ass. my fibromyalgia makes everything worse…i couldn’t sleep at all the first night because i was in so much pain. what a fun blog, eh?  anyways, hopefully i’ll be back to 100% within the next few days and back up and running here! i really wanted to cam tonight too, especially because im losing all this money not being at work! o wells…see you guys soon!

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  • hope you feel better, lizzy! i have stomach issues too, no fun at all 🙁