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iPod iKarli iFiasco!!!!


By DelishKarli / 8 years ago / In: General ,



ohhhh NOOOOO!!!!!  So, I’m a runner…. well, more accurately a jogger (nevermid the $150 super-sports-bra-of-steel to hold the DDs down… haha!)!  I’ve actually done a few 1/2-marathons & I’m crazy enough to enjoy them.  I’ve got loads of energy all the time, but when I crank up my iPod… I could go forever & ever!!!  So I was running recently – jammin to the beat, breathing hard, in my rhythm & at the farthest turnaround point from my place.  Guess what?  The sky opened up & it started POURRRRRING rain – just sheets of water, huge rain drops, so cold, so refreshing…  The only thing I could do was giggle, enjoy the moment & run faster.  I actually stopped for a minute, spun around w/ my arms in the air & opened my mouth to gulp down the rain.  Then my iPod began crackling & popping.  I turned it off – tried to find a “dry” spot to save it… but NO – every inch of me was either sweaty or wet from rain.  I tucked it in my cleavage & kept truckin home.  I immediately tried to hairdry the lil tiny electronic…  water was dripping out of it.  Dead – gone – done.  BOOO HOOOOO…  so now, I go to the gym & people want to CHAT – grrrrrrr…  I need to replace my iPod so I don’t get all the chatters talking my head off.  Plus, I love the beat when I’m running.  That iPod was pretty old actually – so now I have to start the research of replacing it.  Any advice so I can get this booty shaking again???  Thx!!

Like this:

  • Damien

    I got a nano 4th generation 16GB, it’s definitely worth it. 🙂
    Maybe you should get something waterproff to carry it as well 😛

  • The iTouch iPod is pretty cool and it has internet

  • саня

    ikarly best