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Heyyyhhhhhhh ;D


By Jenn / 8 years ago / In: General ,



So I’m feeling a little better.  My teacher told me I should just go skiing with my friends because apparently this saturday all we’re doing is having a pot luck end of phase 2 party, lol!  I was like really?  Yeahhh!  So I’m going to go skiing! ;D

I’m pretty excited lol.  What else??  Umm…Well, it’s finals week and the hardest parts are over, those parts being the written test & the practical on our real live models we brought in for ourselves.  Mine turned out awesome, I put a pic in my forum.  The test went well also, I only missed one question so I got a 98% on it.  All we have left now are some practicals on mannequin heads…about 4 to be exact…nothing we haven’t done before though, so it’ll be easy.  They’re just timed so- if you don’t finish in the time alloted you get a lower score which sucks.  I think I’ll be fine though as I’ve passed time limits in all the practice runs we’ve done. 🙂

After this week we’ll move out onto the salon floor and start doing cuts and color on clients and models we bring in, or walk ins. 🙂  I’m excited but a bit nervous because apparently we get more walk ins on nights than we did in days…and I guess everyone says it’s hard to finish the weekly sheets of things to do because really they’re just all too busy with walk ins that they don’t have a chance to get the sheets done…and the clients don’t count for the grades, just the sheets…but you can’t turn away clients to do the sheets so if you get client after client you just don’t get to do your sheet and you’re screwed basically and could be denied final testing or just fail!  Errrr!  stressful!  I mean, I was able to do a full weekly sheet in a day and a half in day class…but I don’t know…we’ll see how bad it ends up being I suppose!

Hmm…meatball is on my bed passed out and he looks soooo cute lol…his face is so funny and looks all smushy and flat…he’s such a cute angel. heheh.

Errr ok well, I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll update another time.

xox-meee <333

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